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Tell Santa Claus What You Want For Christmas

By Bogdan Lazar   November - 10 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

With less than two months until Christmas, it’s time to tell Santa what you want to find under the Christmas tree this year. But don’t rush to grab a piece of paper and a pen and jot down what your kids want, because this year you don’t need to write Santa any fake-letters. Instead, you can let your kid tell him what he wants for Christmas. Download Tell Santa Claus from the AppStore and find out how to get in touch with Santa!

Tell Santa Claus is a fun app, designed for both children and grown-ups. All you have to do is literally tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Open the app and just go to his door, knock a couple of times, and have a nice conversation with the one that you wait for every year. All Santa wants to know is your name, what you want him to bring you and, of course, if you were naughty or nice. But there’s no need [...]

Let The Drawing Frenzy Begin With Cartoon Spread

By Bogdan Lazar   November - 2 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Nowadays, we share almost everything with our friends online. Whether it’s pictures, videos, quotes or links to sites that we really like, it seems that we want to share more and more everyday. And now, sharing your doodles just got easier with Cartoon Spread. So, take a quick ride to the AppStore and start spreading your cartoons.

Cartoon Spread is the app that puts your creativity to the challenge. Create an account and just use your fingertips to draw whatever goes through your mind and share it with your friends. Whether you’re having one of those long, boring talks on the phone or you’re struggling to find a creative idea, Cartoon Spread is all you need to free your mind. Start doodling and unwind. For all you know, you might end up with a great idea and a great drawing that you can share with your friends.

With Cartoon Spread [...]

Let Your Dream Begin With Angel

By Maria Poeana   September - 16 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

There are a lot of stories that evolve around the birth and properties of perfumes. Whether we believe that they were born from the murders of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille or that they have aphrodisiac properties, we all use them…and are quite picky when it comes to purchasing them. In this mystically shaped universe of perfumes, there comes a new fragrance with a story of its own. And what better way to tell the story than with an iPhone app?!

Angel is the app that will take you to a universe beyond your imagination. In a galaxy where constellations are formed with words like desire, speed or flying. Choose 5 words from a range of 40 and get ready to dream with your eyes wide open. In a matter of seconds, a series of effective images will unravel in front of your eyes, each one symbolizing the visual corespondent for the words [...]

The Exonerator Is Like Having Your Own Friend In The Jury

By Bogdan Lazar   September - 1 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

We are all familiar with the fable of the boy who cried “wolf.” And most of the time we end up being characters in that story. Whether you are a distrusting person or you find yourself in the situation where others seem to treat you as the boy in the fable, there’s a simple solution to this problem. Its name is the Exonerator and it’s just one app download away.

The Exonerator does exactly what its name indicates: it exonerates you of guilt if you are indeed innocent. Imagine coming home late to an angry spouse who starts asking questions and not having to spend hours in an uphill battle convincing your significant other that you were just working late. And when you tell your boss that you were sick and spent all day in bed, you don’t have to bring the doctor and a couple of friends as witnesses. All you have to do is let the Exonerator access [...]

Shopping With – The iPad Way

By Bogdan Lazar   August - 16 - 2011    See more Apps inNews & Lifestyle   Comments

With technology developing faster than you can say technology, we always crave for the newest device on the market. With Newegg, you can find all the electronics you are looking for, but also jewelry, perfumes and even pet supplies.

The Newegg app provides you with more or less the same product-browsing experience as its website counterpart. You can search for the item you want to buy and Newegg will list the results according to price, useful links and their subcategories. The best deals of the day are shown on homepage. Adding products to your wishlist or directly to your shopping cart is a breeze. users are used to reading comprehensive product specifications and helpful authentic customer reviews. The iPad app didn’t miss the mark on this either. Each product is carefully documented, and most if not all products bear [...]

It’s sell-a-tastic!

By Bogdan Lazar   July - 20 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Are you looking for a job but just the thought of spending an entire day filling out profiles on job sites makes you want to take the day off? Or maybe you are looking to buy something or sell the old bike that you had the time to ride only twice in 5 years. Whether you’re looking to make money or spend some, Selloby could be the fastest, easiest way to do it.

After you download it, all you’ll need is a free account with them. Selloby will automagically detect your location, so if you choose to search a place to stay, for example, it will show you the places that are up for sale near your location. You could of of course change your location anytime you decide to search for something somewhere else.

When finding something of interest, you can choose to add it to favorites, follow it or share it on Facebook/Twitter. Interested to make a purchase? Send a [...]

CMenu – C Restaurants & Menus

By Bogdan Lazar   May - 31 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Dubbing itself the official app for the foodie, CMenu wants to put you in charge of your food adventures. With CMenu you get to “C” the restaurant menu before actually going to a restaurant. Explore everything from the different dishes to their prices and what others have said about it. That makes your decision to actually go there much easier.

While the most useful feature of CMenu seems to be the restaurant lookup, there’s a bunch of other things that you can do. You can search for what restaurants are nearby by name, location or type of cuisine. I really loved this feature, since I can always think of what I want to eat (Italian, Asian, etc), but can never figure out where to go to get it.

Once you discover a restaurant you like, express yourself. Take pictures, write short reviews, bookmark the location for future reference, right from [...]