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The Nostradamus In The Toast

By Bogdan Lazar   May - 16 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Life is a series of choices that we all must make. There’s no looking back, but only looking forward towards what the future holds and what the next choice we’d have to make is. Some choose to not choose at all and believe what others have chosen for them. That’s a choice in itself already. But this is not an article about life’s meaning or some philosophical discussion about the future and making the right choice. This a review for an app that appeals to a small set of believers in anything that foretells their future for them.

When you can’t do reading in tea leaves, coffee, in your palm or when you don’t have a magic 8 ball in your pocket, fire up your toaster and make some toast. Apparently, the morning toast contains vital information for how your day is going to go. Can’t read the message in the toast? Let Toaster Oracle do it [...]

Ready? Set? Get Inspired!

By Bogdan Lazar   April - 27 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…” wrote Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, and while the Simple Truths iPhone app does not go into the truths that Jefferson and the forefathers talked about decades ago, it does provide us with truths that men much more smarter than you and me crafted in order to both inspire and guide our actions.

Simple Truths is an iPhone app that provides easy access to a comprehensive collection of famous quotes, short inspirational movies, easy-to-personalize e-cards, and a collection of gift books and framed inspirations.

The app is divided into five sections. The Quotes section is what will open up upon first starting the app. You get access to a Quote of the Day, or you can search and browse through the entire quote database by tapping on the “Quote of the Day” header. That will drop down [...]

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

By Bogdan Lazar   April - 4 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Throughout childhood, I think what amazed me most were circus animals and magic. I was too small to handle lions with a whip, but I could never be too young or too old to perform magic tricks. When I was young, we didn’t have YouTube, so the only place I could learn any magic tricks from TV shows.

Right now things have changed, and you can learn magic tricks from a bunch of places online. Since we’re always mobile, what could be more exciting than whipping out your iPhone and learning a new trick in mere minutes.

This is where Book Of Magic comes in. This handy iPhone app contains over 60 unique magic tricks, complete with demo videos and learning instructions, also in easy-to-follow video format.

The tricks are categorized according to complexity levels, showiness or categories such as Card tricks, Romantic tricks, Money tricks [...]

Find Your Life’s Purpose With An iPhone App

By Bogdan Lazar   March - 29 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

While I personally don’t care much for books, pamphlets or any digital publication that prides itself on knowing my own life better than me, it does make me wonder how is it that I always seem to find myself within those pages that deep down I know are not written about me or my life.

I guess it’s one of those metaphysical questions that I won’t dare to venture to answer, for the sole reason that I truly believe that I am the only one who can change for the better or for the worse, and that outside factors are as important as I want them to be.

That is not to say that I’m completely disregarding everything that says otherwise, and today I decided to give one such app a try and perhaps share some thoughts on it. Dan Millman’s best-selling book – “The Life You Were Born To Live” – comes accompanied by an iPhone app [...]

Pimp Up Your iPhone and iPod Touch With Themes

By Bogdan Lazar   March - 8 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

What can be better than showing off to your friends with your cool unlock screen on your iPhone? And by cool I mean a wallpaper that’s just stunning. While I do appreciate the simplicity of iTheme and the beauty of their designs, I have my doubts when it comes to the price tag of the app.

A simple questions deserves a simple answer. iTheme is a collection of 20 great themes that let you style the unlock and home screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch to suit your own personality. Just start up the app, choose one of the 20 themes and choose whether to save both the home screen and the unlock screen, or just one of the two. The app will save the images to your photo gallery and that’s all the app will do for you.

If you don’t own a device that supports home screen backgrounds (like the iPhone 3G or a lower generation iPod Touch), then you [...]


What is probably one of the most useful and organized apps I’ve seen in the Lifestyle category in the iPhone App Store, Italians Cook It Better provides one completely immersive experience into fine Italian cooking with localized recipes from all the regions of Italy.

Italians are not just about pizza and pasta. I dare say that it’s one of the most complex cuisines out there, with influences from cultures like the Greeks or the French. They’ve turned cooking into an art, and with this iPhone app they’re letting you in on some of their secrets.

Italian cuisine varies from region to region, with sometimes notable differences depending on the different ingredients found in the different regions. Italians Cook It Better features around 250 recipes from 20 regions of Italy. Recipes are organized into appetizers, first courses, main courses, side [...]

10 billion apps – $10,000

By AppBite Team   January - 15 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Apple nearing 10 Billion Apps downloaded!

To the person downloading the 10 billionth app they’re giving away a $10,000 iTunes Giftcard.