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My6sense Tries To Make Sense Of Your Media Stream

By AppBite Team   February - 3 - 2010    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

My6sense is not your usual RSS reader though. While it doesn’t aim to compete with the already established Byline or NetNewsWire, my6sense actually does a pretty good job at replacing them altogether. The difficulty with any RSS reader is that it pulls information from all your subscriptions and gives them to you chronologically. And that’s fine if you only need to manage a few subscriptions, but add up to a few dozen of them, and you’re so buried by the information and you can’t make any sense of it anyway. And this is where my6sense comes in, and sorts through your feeds pulling out content that aligns best with your interests. Digital intuition at its best.

No, my6sense is not a mind reader, nor are you actually downloading a crystal ball. The way it works is by making use of what you are reading on a [...]

Alice Makes Sure You Never Run Out Of Toilet Paper Again

By Maria Poeana   February - 2 - 2010    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

I was a bit in the dark about and since I don’t live in the US, I didn’t have much of a chance to try this service out. So as a disclaimer to this review, I don’t live in the US and I don’t use the services provided by I did however try out their new iPhone app, and will recommend it wholeheartedly.

Just to recap a bit, is an online retail platform that’s aimed at linking manufacturers of household items like tooth brushes, toilet paper or trash bags to consumers directly. You can set up an account (free of charge) on, and you can select the products you use the most. Alice will keep you organized and present you with discount coupons whenever they will come up for your products. The service offers free shipping on top of prices that are 20 to 30% lower than what you’d be [...]

The Better Way To Digitally Store Your Moments

By Maria Poeana   January - 22 - 2010    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

I believe we all gave a shot to writing and keeping a diary. For some reason or another, we ended up missing some days, then some weeks, and then we gave up on it completely. It’s hard to keep a notebook around with you at all times, and some things you just forget at the end of the day. This is where Momento comes in, and I hope you’ll give it a shot as well.

Momento is branded as an app that acts as your digital diary. It’s meant to store everything from what you enter into its journal to Flickr photos, social media activity and develop a fully searchable timeline of your entire digital life. Momento comes complete with features that let you add photos to your entries, so what you get is a little nice media-rich digital diary to keep your life in order.

All of Momento revolves around moments, as the app calls [...]

All Good Deeds Come At A Cost. But Not This One!

By AppBite Team   January - 15 - 2010    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

You’ve been sitting in your comfy chair reading these reviews. It’s time you did something good for others. So if you’re thinking that there’s no way you can reach people in Asia, Africa or even much closer communities to your home without serious research and some effort on your part, well, you’re wrong. So was I, until I came across a nifty little iPhone app that did just that. It provided the incentive, the mobile, and the choice, all together in one. It’s called CauseWorld and they’re serious about providing you with a cause you can help out with.

CauseWorld is free to download right now on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just head on to the AppStore and you can start to help prevent child abuse, provide clear water or help with worldwide crises, for starters. The cool thing about it is that you won’t have to spend [...]

Light Your Own Jesus Candle On Your iPhone

By AppBite Team   December - 22 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

We’ve all seen the success of Zippo, the virtual lighter, an app downloaded by a couple of hundreds of thousands of users around the world. The team over at mopimp are attempting to replicate that success with their new debut app: Jesus Candle. They’re pitching the app as the first from a forthcoming line of virtual votive candles that you can safely light on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Perhaps the main argument for this iPhone app is its realistic flame movements and glows, as well as the higly detalied graphics and sprites. The flickering flame will glow and lighten the beautifully rendered backdrop. The app highlights some of the functionalities of the iPhone, with the InApp Purchase being at the forefront. You start off with one candle burning, with the option to buy additional candles from the Candle Shop [...]

A veritable wine connoisseur

By AppBite Team   August - 24 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Now, I’m not much of a wine connoisseur, but the iPhone app from certainly provides me with the facts, figures and reviews to be able to pick up on some of the specifics of wines across the world. Wine Enthusiasts Guide is certainly the iPhone application to keep around to help you choose, evaluate and enjoy wine.

When you start up the app, you’re taken straight to the wine guide screen. The app itself is divided into five screens, to set you on your path. You can search for a specific wine within set parameters, add a specific wine to your favorites list, choose to experience a true vintage taste or get references as wines in general. The app’s database has over 73,000 total reviews written up by authors of the Wine Enthusiast Magazine. With new reviews added each week [...]

Sleepmaker iPhone AppzzzZZZzzz

By AppBite Team   July - 27 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

Sleepmaker is the iPhone and iPod Touch application from SoftwareX that is supposed to replace that dead-silence from your room at night with pleasant sounds of rain, storm, waves and even wildlife, giving you that well-deserved good-night’s sleep.

First off, the app comes in 5 variations: Sleepmaker Rain, Storms, Waves, Streams and Wildlife, in either a PRO, Classic or Free version, each offering you different options and more tracks to listen too. Basically they are all the same, it’s just up to you to decide which ambient sounds will most likely take you to dream land faster.

What is really enticing about Sleepmaker apps is that these are full tracks you’re listening too. There are no sounds effects of raining falling, or the occasional car horn, or a dog barking in the storm. [...]