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Healthy natural foods at your fingertips

By AppBite Team   July - 15 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Fitness & Healthcare, News & Lifestyle   Comments

From the acclaimed stores and website gathering thousands of healthy recipes together with complete information as to nutrition and protein counts Whole Foods Market comes to us with its very own iPhone and iPod Touch app to make sure you always have access to its wealth of recipes wherever you are.

With delicious recipes containing only the most natural and organic foods, the application currently includes over 2,500 recipes with detailed instructions and complete nutrition information. If all that you allow in your kitchen are natural and organic foods, then Whole Foods Market Recipes for the iPhone is all your kitchen really needs. As you would with any respectable cookbook, searching the app for delicious recipes including delightful dinner entrees and breakfast specialities is a as easy as pie. The app lets you filter by categories, target special diets as per your personal needs and even find specific recipes that use ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Understanding human nature with BioRhythm!

By AppBite Team   July - 15 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

The development team from iMistique based its iPhone application on the biorhythm theory to aid and guide its users, and might I say believers in the theory, in their daily chores. BioRhythm! for the iPhone and iPod Touch uses a simple set of calculations to determine your biorhythm cycles based on your date of birth.

Theorists of biorhythms argue that our lives are affected by a series of rhythmic biological cycles that control various biological processes. Three cyclic rhythms (the physical, the emotional and the intellectual) govern human behavior and prove a certain periodicity that our lives go through. Such theorists seek to make certain predictions based on these cycles and guide the process of carrying out tasks related to each of the three cycles.

Keep the Earth Green by planting virtual trees

By AppBite Team   June - 23 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

After our Go Green review and while we’re looking forward to the 1 pound mark for our weblog, we’re keeping to our commitment to our planet and bringing you another interesting app from iPhactory, all sharing our green goal.

The San Francisco based company recently launched iPhorest, the iPhone and iPod Touch app that lets you play the virtual gardener. Dig the hole with a simple interface and very intuitive controls, get your seed and plant the seedling. When you shake your iPhone, you create rain and after the sun rises again, your tree begins to grow. The whole process takes six stages where you have to repeat this process to see a full-grown tree.

Ready to go green?

By AppBite Team   June - 11 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

After filtering through the so-called “fart” apps available in the AppStore, we sometimes come across certain applications that try to make a difference for both users, developers and ultimately the environment we all live in. Such an environmental-friendly app is Go Green from Webworks and Applications, that astounds in the simplicity of effectiveness.

The application displays new green advice each time you launch it, and awards you a new badge after a certain number of tips that are saved up in your Green List for you to revisit at any point in the future. Go Green will provide you with interesting statistics and sometimes amusing facts about our environment, how we currently use it and what can be done differently. The app never suggests that strictly applying these and taking theme as rules instead of tips will lead to a healthier and greener lifestyle, but perhaps even the most stubborn of us can agree on some of them.

Make it silky-smooth with uArt from Gillete

By AppBite Team   May - 29 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   Comments

You’re in front of the mirror, razor blade in one hand, shaving cream in the other, and still undecided. Should you take down that beard or not? Well, the new iPhone app from Gillete can help you make the right decision without having to sacrifice that splendid mustache you’ve been grooming for the past couple of years.

uArt is the new app for the iPhone and iPod Touch meant to be both funny and convincing in matters related to the right type of facial hair, allowing for a virtual makeover right on the spot. The app mechanism is simple enough. Just load up a picture of you or your friend without any facial hair, or take one on the spot. Apply the desired type of facial hair (we recommend you start with the maximum amount possible, to increase the fun when shaving it). Color it to match the hair color, or go crazy and die it in full pink. When you’re satisfied with the result, choose Gillete Fusion and start shaving away by either tapping the screen in the desired location to remove hair, or sliding up and down and sideways. No experience is needed and a cut is definitely out of the question. When you’re done, save it to your favorites, and then email it to a friend.