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Turn Your Arcade Mode On With Space Qube

By Maria Poeana   December - 15 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   Comments

If you grew up with arcade games, then you have to remember Space Invaders. I think it’s one of the most iconic arcade games of my childhood. And, although, it now looks like you were shooting pixels at pixel-groups, with your pixel-made ship, you probably spent days, months, and years playing Space Invaders. And now, you can play it on your modern Apple device. Totally free of charge this week, since Space Qube is App of The Week in the App Store.

Space Qube is Space Invaders with a bit more color, and clarity. The Retro design was kept, so you’re still shooting, more or less, pixels, at pixels, using pixels. But now, since there is a larger color variety, and a more complex background, it feels a bit more like you’re commanding a ship, shooting at all sorts of aliens. Plus, now, you also have all sorts of bosses to destroy, a special control [...]

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   December - 10 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   Comments
Night at the Museum: Hidden Treasures icon

There are just a couple of days left until the release of the newest Night at the Museum sequel. I just watched the trailer, and it looks like it’s got a good chance to be just as hilarious as the first two. If not better. And the game is a lot of fun, too.

Ups: Night at the Museum: Hidden Treasures is a really captivating, beautifully designed and creative mystery game. So, it’s not an endless runner. Thank God for that! Not that I have anything against endless runners, but promoting a movie with an endless running game has become kind of a cliche. Getting back to our game, I totally love it! You are the new guard at the museum, and just like Larry in the first movie, you’re about to find out your job is to keep a lot more things under control than you’d expect. Unlock exhibitions, find hidden items, complete quests, and keep everyone [...]

When I Grow Up, I Want To Become A Programmer

By Maria Poeana   December - 9 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Books & Education   Comments

Back in the not so old days, when you asked kids what they wanted to become, you would have probably got answers like ballerina, doctor, princess, astronaut, pilot, or painter. Back then, social media analyst, PR consultant, or programmer were jobs that most grown-ups hadn’t heard about, let alone children. But times change, and so do people. Of course, there are children who still want to become doctors, and astronauts. But today, there are also children who want to become programmers. And Hopscotch was designed especially for them.

Hopscotch is intended to familiarise your child with the world of programming. Now, don’t imagine he will learn to write actual code. But he will learn how to make a simple play button, or a tap on the screen lead to an actual action. No complicated code, no other [...]

Light Up The Universe

By Maria Poeana   December - 8 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   Comments

When I came across God of Light, I honestly thought it had something to do with Game of Thrones. And it does. Not graphic or story-wise. But, just like Game of Thrones is a one of a kind, thrilling, amazing, and probably one of the most addictive TV shows ever made, God of Light is one of the most interesting games I’ve played. This year for sure, if not ever.

Puzzle games are, usually, extremely interesting, and you can really feel they put your mind to the test. But there’s something more to God of Light than just its quality of being a great puzzle games. I can’t say whether it’s the beautiful graphics, the out of the ordinary gameplay, the soothing background music, or a combination between all of these features. But one thing’s for sure: once you’re hooked, God of Life takes you to a whole new world.

Enjoy Cooking And Baking With Kitchen Stories Recipes

By Maria Poeana   December - 3 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Fitness & Healthcare   Comments

For all of you foodies out there, who do not only enjoy eating a delicious meal, but also cooking it, Kitchen Stories Recipes is a must-have app. I, for one, am extremely passionate about cooking, baking, and everything food-related, in general. And I think Kitchen Stories Recipes is one of the best, if not the best, cooking app I’ve come across so far.

What’s really nice about Kitchen Stories Recipes is that it is an all-in-one app. You discover new recipes. Watch How-To videos. Easily add to your shopping list the ingredients you need to cook your favorite recipes. Share the recipes you like with your friends, and your own recipes with the Kitchen Stories Recipes’ community. Easy to use, intuitive, user-friendly, helpful, and social.

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   December - 2 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   Comments
Bruce Lee: Enter the Game icon

Have you ever watched an action movie and though it was so unrealistic for one guy to be able to beat up 10 or 20 more other guys at the same time? Well, with Bruce Lee: Enter the Game, you’ll find out it’s not really impossible. Especially, when you’re Bruce Lee.

Ups: Bruce Lee: Enter the Game will get you hooked from the first punch you throw. It’s a really engaging, action-packed game that will keep you at the edge of you seat the whole time. The controls are extremely intuitive, and you have a pretty extensive Tutorial, so you get to find out what you need to do in no time. Your primary task is to help Bruce Lee beat up enemies, by using his well-trained skills. Also, you must keep him in shape by constantly upgrading his vitality, and power level, using the coins you earn each battle. You can also use coins to start every [...]

Guide Your Guardians Through The Galaxy

By Maria Poeana   December - 1 - 2014    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   Comments

When Guardians of the Galaxy, the movie, was released this year, it was quite a hit. I don’t know what you expected of it, but after all the already legendary Marvel movie hits, I didn’t expect this one to be so remarkable. So, it was quite a surprise to see just how fast it got so popular. And an even bigger surprise that Guardians of the Galaxy wasn’t just buzz worthy, but also one of the best Marvel movies so far. And Guardians of the Galaxy, the game, is not too shabby, either.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon follows the story of the comic (and, of course, the movie) from the Guardians’ escape out of Prison 42, and all the way up to Xandar. Your job? Move from one place to another, following the storyline. To do so, you must clear all the levels along the way. At first, you only have Star-Lord to do the [...]