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This is the second room that you’ll find yourself in - entitled “Lie”. If you want to take a look at our walkthrough of the First Room you can find it via the link. So fire up your Escape The Room 2 game and let’s go!

As soon as you can move, walk over to the guy lying on the floor. As you talk to him, you find out his name is Tom Lewis, he’s 33 and he’s a state prosecutor. When the conversation is over, it’s time to look around the room you’re stuck in now and collect the items and clues you need to escape it.

As you look around, be sure to pick up the candle in the green locker located in the southwest corner of the room, the scissors on the table, the lighter in the drawer and the rusted saw-toothed wheel inside the green safe. You’ll also want the three suspicious books that are located (1) in the middle of the room on the floor, (2) in the green cardboard box near the locker and (3) in one of the drawers of the table. Also pick up a bottle of lubricating oil located in the northwest corner of the room.

Using your scissors, cut out a piece of the red carpet that’s on the floor. Guess what, now you have all the items to finish the level. It’s time to properly mix these and solve a few puzzles.

The first you want to do is to put the three books back in the bookshelf located on the north wall. Just open the inventory and place one in the shelf one at a time. Nothing will happen. Go back to the inventory and combine the rusted saw-toothed wheel and the lubricating oil. Place the saw wheel in the machine next to where you took the oil from. Nothing will happen when you try to start that machine.


It’s time for the first puzzle. Go to the bookshelf where you placed the three books and you’ll be presented with a mixed up row of books that appear to have some letters on them. You need to move books around, making one book exchange place with another, until you form a word. The word is MONEY. There were no obvious clues to this, although I presume that if a lawyer is present in the room, then money is involved. I died once trying to figure out the puzzle here.

As soon as you put the books in the right order, the bookshelf will slide to the left, making way for a small hallway in the wall, small enough for you to walk through. Go ahead and do that, after you finish the inevitable conversation with the lawyer.


When you get to the other side, it’s all dark, so it’d be a good idea for you to turn on the lights. Open the inventory and mix the candle with the lighter to get the lighted candle. Use it in the room and voila, let there be light! As you look around the room, you discover that there isn’t much you can actually do or pick up. There’s a safe and a rusty board next to it on the wall. The word rusty should already spark a light in your brain. Open the inventory and mix the oil with the scrap of carpet to get an oily rag. Use that to wipe the board clean and read the four numbers.

Next go to the safe and enter that combination to open it. Pick up the Diary in tatters and read it. As soon as you finish reading it, you’ll earn the key to get out of the room. As you return through the narrow passage back to the main room, Tom the lawyer is missing but the door is still locked. Use the key to open it and leave the room.

That’s it! You’re out of the room and still alive. Of course, at various locations in the room you’ll find some more interesting items like jigsaw puzzle pieces or gold keys, so be on the look out for those as well.

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