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IMEvil - Techpad Productions

IMEvil iPhone App Review.

Little boys and girls, prepare to be scared out of your diapers with this crazy soundboard of 32 creepy lines from all-timer voice actor David Sobolov, an awesome release under the name IMEvil, for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You might recognize David Sobolov from video game releases such as Halo Wars, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Transformers, or Call of Duty 4, where he voiced Lt. Vasquez. The list can go on, needless to say David Sobolov has been around.

With IMEvil, you have at your disposal 32 humorous one-liners from him, and the uses of this soundboard are only limited by your own imagination and creativity. You can either listen to it and amuse yourself, or play jokes on friends, co-workers and even passers-by. Get evilly creative with it!

For now, IMEvil features 32 phrases spread across three different screens, but hopefully more soundpacks are on the way. You basically tap an icon to hear its associated sound, and swipe across the screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch to get to the next screen where more evil awaits. You can really tell that the developers put a lot of effort into this app. Each unique sound is crystal clear, high-quality recording, and also has a carefully and well designed icon associated to it.

As with all soundboards, you don't have to wait for one sound to finish before you can start another, so you can start up multiple ones at a time. However, one thing I'd have liked to see happen with this app is the possibility to re-arrange the soundbites on the screen to your liking. Perhaps there are a few you'd like to use creatively and they need to be one next to the other for easy and fast access. But, perhaps in a future update, right? For now, the app is worth every penny of its $1.99 price in the App Store.

I must say that it's really a handy app to keep around, that will always cause laughs wherever you are and in any situation. As I said, your own imagination is the limit. Go all crazy with "Come and get it" when calling your family to dinner, while giving them the diabolic laugh. Need I say that those crank calls just got way more funnier and interesting when throwing in various sounds from this evil soundboard? So go ahead, play around with it, and let us know how and who you've managed to creep out!


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Developer: Techpad Productions
Category: Entertainment
Released: August 3rd, 2009
Price: $1.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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