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andrew carnegie quote on teamwork was founded as a weblog dedicated to reviewing the best iphone and ipad apps that are making an impact on our daily lives. Undoubtedly the iPhone has touched your life in some way and since it's launch the ipad has increasingly become a part of every day life. There's an app for everything, and, as the Appstore gets bigger and bigger, more and more developers are launching apps to meet the demand. Appbite is dedicated to reviewing these exciting applications and sharing our thoughts with you.

We are growing into a community that leaves its mark on the web and mobile space, and for that we invite you, our readers to contribute actively for the development of the next big bang after the big bang. Comment! Write! Develop! Critique! Be critiqued! We offer you the opportunity to leave your own mark on the iPhone app review industry.

We're a small team, but we like to think that you are the biggest part of Your input and your appreciation is what makes us who we are today! And for that we thank you.

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Our Writers

Bogdan's a truly passionate designer and a communicative person. He's managed to turn the iPhone into a passion and Appbite has given him a place to continue to develop this passion.
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Having been bitten by the app bug many years ago, Yvonne is keen to add her insights into the review world and share these with you.  Yvonne likes to think of herself as the "man" on the street reviewing your apps - someone like you but she's lucky enough to have found a place to have her voice heard.

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Appbite's Timeline

April, 2009 goes live! Huuray!

May, 2009 We get our first ever comment from MikeG.

July, 2009 Our first advertiser who trusted us, Sevens from Nigel Hanbury.

September, 2009 gets new clothes as our redesign goes live.

November, 2009 New adserver is launched. Thank you OpenX!

December, 2009 We start reaching out to you through our weekly newsletter!

2010 Under new management - some fresh thoughts to take Appbite to the next level.

2011 Working harder than ever to keep Appbite the success it is and to get people those reviews they need faster than ever!

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We offer some attractive ad placements at industry rates. Please review our complete packages at our Advertising Page or send a brief email to Bogdan at bogdan [at] appbite [dot] com. He’ll be in touch shortly. While you're thinking about paying him to write good things about your app, product or service, please note that the reviews, articles and news published on Appbite strive to be useful to our readers. We don't claim to be objective, there's no such thing. We do claim that each of the reviews we publish serve the community in some way and is by no means influenced by any amount of money or other payment methods some might tempt us with. We respect our readers and that's how Appbite operates. We thank you for your understanding!

Special Thanks

Getting Appbite running at its current level would not have been possible without the following projects and the dedicated teams behind them:

  • Wordpress - state-of-the-art publishing platform
  • OpenX - the world’s leading independent ad server
  • Scarlett Wordpress Theme - the basic theme framework powering our customized design
  • MailChimp - email marketing and email list manager (you get our newsletters through it)
  • Huddle - project management software, online collaboration and document sharing
  • Wibiya - web toolbar solution for integrating, managing and tracking third-party applications and boosting your website with rich and interactive features