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Lose Your Marbles Over I, Marble

By Bogdan Lazar   June - 30 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

Marbles are, to me, one of those classic childhood symbols. I never bought a Marble Pack or played any Marble associated game to win them. But I remember I had a pretty nice Marble collection as a child. I guess I lived in a neighbourhood with pretty clumsy kids. Or they always had holes in their pockets. Whatever it was, I always found Marbles in the park, or even in the street on the way home. I remember being fascinated by the way they looked, and the sound they made when they got hit against each other.

Now, I don’t know how many kids still actually collect and play with Marbles. But the cute, shiny, glass items are still present in the game market. And now, also on your Apple devices. I, Marble is one of these games. And no matter if you used to enjoy playing with Marbles, or, quite the contrary, [...]

Slayin iPhone Game Review

By Maria Poeana   June - 17 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   1 Comment

Slayin is an old-school, retro-designed, arcade game. Your job is to slay as many monsters as you can. The controls are as simple as it gets: you can only move your character left or right, and make him jump. And the gameplay is also quite basic: there’s no hidden pathways to follow. Once you guide your character in one direction, he will constantly move towards that point, until he gets from one side of the screen to the other, or until you change his direction. So, what makes Slayin a game worth playin’?

Nostalgia. If you grew up playing arcade games, then Slayin is guaranteed to bring back all those fond memories. Because, even if you can play Slayin on a touch-screen device, everything about it is old-school. You don’t just tap on the screen to control your character. You tap on move, and jump buttons on the [...]

Free Game of the Week: Dude Perfect 2

By Maria Poeana   June - 17 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   2 Comments

There are a lot of cool, free, new games in the App Store this week. Terminator Genisys: Revolution catches the eye with amazing graphics, and a complex gameplay. King strikes back with AlphaBetty Saga, which comes to prove, more than ever, that you also have to put your mind at work to win a King game, and it’s not all just luck. And Blades of Brim shows there’s still more that can be brought to you by an endless runner to keep this type of games still on top. But my favorite this week was, by far, Dude Perfect 2.

Dude Perfect 2 is your classic puzzle game that will sharpen your mind level after level, as you attempt to solve the challenges in the most effective way possible. Your job is to throw the ball through the hoop. Sounds simple, right? That’s before all sorts of variables come into play. Strong wind [...]

Don’t Be Square, Play Hyper Square

By Maria Poeana   June - 2 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

Hyper Square iPhone Game Review.

Do you know those tests that monkeys take in the training process, where they have to place certain objects in the right shape, judging by their form? Well, that’s pretty much how Hyper Square works. At first sight. Then, it starts to get difficult. Or, better said, real fast. So fast [...]

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   April - 1 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments
Fast & Furious: Legacy icon

Ups: What I really loved about Fast & Furious: Legacy were the controls. I think car race games are one of the most exciting games out there, but I always find it difficult to control the car using the gyroscope option. But with Fast & Furious: Legacy, changing lanes is as easy, and intuitive as it gets: just tap right or left, and the car moves in the direction you want it to. The graphics are extremely cool, and realistic, as expected. You can drive over 50 cars that your favorite characters in the Fast & Furious series also drove. Throughout locations where your favorite characters also drove, like Los Angeles, Tokyo, or Miami. And besides completing challenges, there’s also an engaging Story Mode to get you even more caught up in the plot.

Downs: Fast & Furious: Legacy is a pretty complex game, so, besides racing, there are also other things you need to [...]

Noteworthy Free Games this Week: Ups & Downs

By Maria Poeana   March - 24 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments
Patchmania - A Puzzle About Bunny Revenge! icon

Old Man Lester had a farm. He did, not you. You have a bunch of sweet, adorable bunnies that want to eat all the delicious vegetables our hardworking farmer planted. It’s not fair, I know. But can you say no to the adorable bunnies in Patchmania?

Ups: Patchmania is a clever, addictive puzzle game. You job is to create a path to help the adorable bunnies get to their homes. While collecting all the vegetables they love on the way. You have four different bunnies to help, each one with its own characteristics, and likes. Over 600 puzzles to complete in this level-based game. And 9 beautifully designed environments to go through. The controls are extremely intuitive. You don’t even need a Tutorial to get you started. And you don’t need to play more than a couple of levels to be instantly hooked to the [...]

Let The Dark Echo Of Your Footsteps Guide You To Your Escape

By Maria Poeana   March - 23 - 2015    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   No Comments

Imagine being all alone, in a dark room, with creepy noises surrounding you with every step you take. You need to get out. But how can you find the exit fast enough, before the creepy sounds catch on to you, and you are dead? Sounds pretty terrifying, right? Well, that’s exactly how playing Dark Echo feels like. App of the Week in the App Store. And one of the best, most engaging, and thrilling games I have ever played.

Dark Echo is absolutely brilliant. I have never imagined a creepy background tune and a couple of lines on the screen could ever be so scary. Because that’s all there is to it. Darko Echo proves that sometimes less is more with this exceptional game. You don’t see who is following you, or who is creeping in the shadow, waiting for you to make your next move. You don’t have to find hidden messages, and solve mind-boggling puzzles. You just have to walk to [...]