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Readr Brings The Magazines At Your Fingertips

By Maria Poeana   May - 16 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   No Comments

People don’t buy as many magazines as they used to. Whether we have become more eco-oriented, or it’s just easier to get our information online, or both, these are the facts. So, whenever I pass by a newsstand, I can’t help myself from thinking: how long until all these magazines will become extinct? The answer: probably never. At least, not as long as you have all your favorite magazines at your fingertips, just by using cool apps like Readr.

Readr is more than just your basic virtual newsstand. With Readr, you can purchase your favorite magazines, but also go through them at no cost, for a limited period of time. You have all the magazines you can imagine lined up for you. You can create your own library, where you can stack all your favorite magazines, without having to keep them piled up in some corner in your home. And that’s not [...]

What’s In Your Pocket?

By Bogdan Lazar   January - 21 - 2013    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   No Comments

If you’re like me and always find something interesting to read, but it’s always the wrong time, the wrong place, then you’re in dire need of a place to store all these articles for later reading. Sending a link to them to yourself always works, but it takes longer than it should and your inbox will get crowded pretty quickly. Luckily, all you need is right in your pocket. Go ahead…reach in and look for yourself. Yes, it’s your iPhone. Now go ahead and download Pocket from the App Store and enjoy a brilliant solution that saves you the articles you want to read, as well as the time it takes you to save them with other solutions.

Pocket was formerly named Read it later, and that should tell you exactly what the app does. But to put it simply, Pocket helps you save articles, video or web pages that you find on the internet but don’t have time to read or [...]

Share Your Love With SoulMate

By Maria Poeana   April - 5 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   No Comments

The Beatles used to say that “All you need is love.” Well, if that’s true, then there’s an app that can give you all you need. Whether you’re single or involved in a relationship, SoulMate is here to provide you with all the love that you need. So, if “All you need is love”, download SoulMate from the AppStore and start spreading the love.

SoulMate is one of those apps looking to break the habit. If, usually, there are some apps designed for making couples share the love, and others for helping single people find their half, SoulMate is aiming at satisfying both groups. While singles can search for the best date in their area, couples can share photos, play games, text each other, and so much more.

Once you download SoulMate, all you need to do to start using the app is create an account and set up your profile. Since SoulMate is [...]

Control Your Brain With iSubliminal

By Maria Poeana   January - 26 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   1 Comment

Are you struggling for months to give up smoking, but nothing seems to work? Or maybe you feel tired all the time. Or you find yourself forgetting things that you did a couple of hours ago. What do all these things have in common? Well, for starters, they are all controlled by your brain. And now, there’s an app that claims to have found the secret of helping you control your brain. Intrigued? Download iSubliminal from the AppStore and check it out for yourself.

iSubliminal is an app that uses subliminal messages to trick your brain into believing what you need it to believe. For example, let’s say that you have a busy day at work today. But, since it’s Monday, you find yourself lacking concentration and feeling extremely unhappy that the weekend is over. That’s when iSubliminal steps in. All you have to do is turn on the app, choose the areas that you [...]

Avas Flowers Brings You The Perfect Gift

By Maria Poeana   January - 25 - 2012    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   6 Comments

Is your friend’s birthday coming up and you don’t know how you will find the time to go out and search for a gift? Or maybe it’s your wedding anniversary today and you totally forgot, because you were just so busy lately. No matter the occasion or the circumstances, there’s always one gift that can brighten up even the gloomiest person. That is a flower. And now, with the rise of mobile apps, purchasing flowers has never been easier. Avas Flowers aims to make it even easier and more informative.

Avas Flowers is the app that gets you out of trouble, when you forget or can’t find the time to buy a gift. It’s the place, where every flower that you are looking for is available for purchase at any time. Dozens of different types of tulips, roses, orchids and mixed bouquets are carefully listed according to the occasions that they are most suited [...]

Who Wants To Find Out More About Poland?

By Bogdan Lazar   December - 4 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   No Comments

Did you know that there are tons of Polish events taking place throughout the world every month? Nowadays, going to Poland isn’t the only option if you’re looking to find out more about its culture or if you’re an expat. You can check out sites or read different magazines to find out all there is to know about Polish culture and events. Or, better yet, you can download Hot Culture from the AppStore and find all the information you need in one place.

Hot Culture is the app that helps you find out more about Poland and its culture by letting you choose from three different subjects. You can read about Polish authors and their works by accessing the Knowledge Base, watch pictures in Multimedia, or discover Polish events from all around the world in Calendar.

After downloading the app, there’s just one thing you need to do before you can get started, and [...]

5 Free iPad Apps For A Great Thanksgiving

By Maria Poeana   November - 21 - 2011    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News & Lifestyle   No Comments

Thanksgiving is coming. This means you have to buy a turkey, look through tons of recipes, be careful how to cook your turkey so it’s not dry, set the table, invite guests, and try to make this Thanksgiving as fun as possible. But, luckily, this year you’ve got just the right ingredients to make your Thanksgiving worth remembering. And here are the just 5 free apps that turn your iPad into your best ally this Thanksgiving.

First of all, you have to let your friends know what you’re up to this Thanksgiving, and invite them to join you for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. But instead of calling them, or posting messages on their Facebook walls, this year, you can send them some digital postcards. Download Lifelike Cards, pick the Thanksgiving card you like the most, and start writing your message.

You can choose to include [...]