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Avas Flowers iPhone App Review.

Is your friend's birthday coming up and you don't know how you will find the time to go out and search for a gift? Or maybe it's your wedding anniversary today and you totally forgot, because you were just so busy lately. No matter the occasion or the circumstances, there's always one gift that can brighten up even the gloomiest person. That is a flower. And now, with the rise of mobile apps, purchasing flowers has never been easier. Avas Flowers aims to make it even easier and more informative.

What is Avas Flowers

Avas Flowers is the app that gets you out of trouble, when you forget or can't find the time to buy a gift. It’s the place, where every flower that you are looking for is available for purchase at any time. Dozens of different types of tulips, roses, orchids and mixed bouquets are carefully listed according to the occasions that they are most suited for. Just turn on the app and let yourself get carried away through the wonderful world of Avas Flowers.

Once you get familiarized with the app, there are more ways to find just the right flower or bouquet to purchase. If it's meant as a gift for a certain occasion, let the specialists over at Avas Flowers guide you. There is a large variety of custom designed bouquets for every occasion, so there's no doubt that you will find exactly what you are looking for in a matter of minutes. Also, you can search for a particular flower or check out different types of flowers and bouquets according to brand, season or holiday. And if you're short on cash, there's no need to worry. Avas Flowers will tell you all there is to know about the hot deals of the day. Or, better yet, you can check out what flowers are available for purchase at the florist in your city. This way, you get to save money, and also reduce delivery time.

Learn about your favorite flowers

No matter how you choose to search for the right flower, with a single tap, you can find out everything there is to know about any product that you can purchase at Avas Flowers. Product details include basic information, like delivery date and policies, but also care instructions and reviews to help you make the best decision. And that's not all the info that Avas Flowers provides. You can also read about numerous species of flowers and check out Avas Flowers' blog or the latest news concerning the shop. When you're all done with your research, select the type of order (standard, deluxe or premium), add to cart the product that you like, and you're set to go.

All in all, Avas Flowers is a great choice when you want to surprise somebody by sending them a custom made bouquet. Or when you messed things up and you're just trying to say sorry. Or even when you're looking to find out more about flowers. It's fast, easy to use, and it's readily available.


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avas flowers

Avas Flowers
Developer: Avas Flowers
Category: Lifestyle
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: FREE

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4 / 5

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6 Bites to “Avas Flowers Brings You The Perfect Gift”

  1. Toni says:

    Flowers purchased were NOT AT ALL the same as Ava's online website!

    I ordered the “Blooming Romance Bouquet” paid extra for the PREMIUM flowers with 30 stems with a purchased extra a red vase.

    I found that Ava's Flowers do NOT do the floral arrangements they use subcontractors to do the job and Ava's didn't send the subcontractor a photo of the “Blooming Romance Bouquet”

    My sister sent me a photo of the flowers and they were not the same as the Ava's online website and with NO red vase as requested and with massive babys breath and ferns for fillers the online picture shows NONE OF THESE. I sent Ava's flowers customer service the photos and there manager was sarcastic and stated that “You did get 10 roses, 10 red carnations and 10 burgundy carnations yes?” “Than you got what you paid for!” The website does NOT state for this arrangement the exact amount of roses and differs from the online photo.


    Than on the website that same day of ordering and receiving the photo from my sister the price for my flowers goes down from $84.00 to $64.00 of which this same manager would not give me the refund balance nor refund from my red vase which was NOT delivered.

    Finally I was offered a discount and refund for the non delivery of the red vase of $25.00 $20.00 discount and $4.99 for refund of the red vase and called today and have yet to receive this refund.

    I called about the refund as I didnt see it yet and they said this log showed that I wasnt going to get it. I speak to Avas and they said that I could now only get a $18.95 back at this point.



  2. Bogdan says:

    Ouch! It does seem they have a real issue…

  3. Paul Xavier says:

    A very dear, very close friend passed away recently.  Her sister, another very good friend of mine, lives in New Hampshire.  I was recommended Avas Flowers by someone as they told me they were affiliated with FTD somehow.  I thought “ok”, and always like to go to a local florist to support local business.  Well, according to a website link that I found, it sure *looked* like they were local since they mentioned they deliver to NH, and they talked about the New Hampshire flowers, etc.  Well, after doing some research, I believe this is the company (in New York).  Well, here's my experience with them…The flowers were delivered next day DEAD!  AYFKM???  What kind of florist sends dead flowers, especially to someone who just lost a family member???  What…did the florist figure I wasn't going to see them, so let's get rid of our older stock and send dead flowers to someone who's grieving????  I called them up and they said “Well, you can't get the lilies you ordered over there until tomorrow so perhaps we can order something else instead”.  And I said, “No, how about you send something nice over there today and then follow up and send her a nice batch of lilies like I wanted in the first place tomorrow?”  Hey, guess what?  Nothing was sent later that day.  Nothing was sent the next day.  No order was even placed.  And who the hell originally sends DEAD flowers in the first place?????  It also put the recipient in an awkward position as she wasn't sure if she should say something or not because she thought the gesture was kind…but she just hated to see my money wasted, and that wasn't cool, either…the last thing one should have to worry about when they just lost a close family member.  Then these guys had the balls to send me a “sorry for your inconvenience e-mail after all of this.  Well, I wrote back – their words are in quotes, the rest if my response to them: So you said… “To get fastest response, please reply to this email, if you want to follow up.” HAHAHAHA, this is rich…let's analyze this, shall we?  Let's start below…On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 7:40 PM, (customerservice@avasflow…) wrote: “Sir/Ma'am,” Well, clearly this looks like a lazy, generated message, considering you have my name and you can't attempt to do just “Sir” since my name is Paul and Paul is clearly not a “Ma'am” name.  ”We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We will be looking into the matter. As soon as we get more information we will get back to you.” Frankly, I doubt you will get back to me…why's that?  Considering EVERYTHING about this transaction was a complete joke…let's start, shall we…dead flowers the first time to my recipient, called Stephanie the next day, who said she would have it “upgraded” to make sure my recipient (who was grieving from her sister's death), got something that day and to follow up with the original order of the lilies I ordered, only to find out she didn't place the order, which Randy (some manager there) told me they were “considering” firing Stephanie as she's done this many times before (“considering???”).  And you expect me to believe you'll actually get back to me?  HA!  And what's that going to solve???  Considering I've cancelled the order, what could you POSSIBLY say to me now that will rectify the situation?  Well…I'll tell you what I'm going to do…You're associated with FTD, right?  Well, I'm going to call them up and tell them the whole damn story about what happened to me and encourage them to drop you.  I'm also going to tell them about all the complaints I've found out about you online – seems there's a lot of them.  Boy, am I sorry I didn't find out about those sooner, or else I wouldn't have put myself through the experience of dealing with people like you.   Then, I'm going to report you to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint there.  Then, I'm going to go on every single consumer website I can find, and copy and paste my story to all of those sites.   Then, I'll tell all my friends and mention you by name, and I'm sure when they have friends who want to order flowers they will not recommend Avas Flowers to them.   Personally, I hope all this creates a ripple where you lose a lot of money out of the pocketbook.  As far as I'm concerned…GOOD.  ”Thank you for contacting Avas Flowers” Phhtt…for what?  Should I say “thank you” for the crappiest service ever???”To get fastest response, please reply to this email, if you want to follow up.” Oh yeah?  I dare you.  617-XXX-XXXX.  There's NOTHING you could possibly do to fix the situation.End of e-mail. Sorry for the rant, but NOTHING makes my blood boil more than crappy customer service.  I'm actually having a ball ripping these guys to shreds.  Screw 'em.  They deserve every single bad thing they get.

  4. travisandnet says:


  5. travisandnet says:

    6 DAYS AND STILL NOT DELIVERED!!!! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE….I purchased an arrangement on April 17,2012 to be delivered on Apr.18,2012. On April 23, 2012 AVAS contacted me b/c the flowers had still not been delivered. The representative stated that delivery was attempted but the hospital refused. They also stated the florist had not contacted them until today about the failed delivery. I was furious. I had called AVAS on the 18th b/c the arrangement was suppose to be delivered by noon. At 3pm they still were not there. After speaking with customer service, they assured me that they were in route and would be delivered within 30 minutes. When I didn't recieve a follow up call I assumed they had been delivered and all was well. Absolutely not! When the rep told me that they had not been delivered now 6 days later, I questioned why I had not been contacted before today. She explained that the florist had not contacted them until this morning. She was calling to get a new delivery date. I was appauled. They acted if this was no big deal. I explained that I was unsure of what I wanted to do at this point, my assiociate had been discharged and i did not have her home address. The rep was very unprofessional and unsincere. I asked to speak to a manager, the idiot asked why. I stated b/c I want to file a complaint. she asked a complaint about what? REALLY!!! finally I spoke with customer service who claimed it was the florist who dropped the ball, and they wanted to extend an apology for this misunderstanding. They offered to make me a new arrangement, deliver it to my home, and upgrade it free of charge. I accepted. After hanging up, I decided to contact the florist to make sure this in fact would be happening. To my surprise I find out that AVAS was notified WED @330, and again at 5. AVAS told the florist to hold the order for redelivery. On Monday, the florist contacted AVAS again, this is when they finally contacted me. During our conversation, the florist recieved redelivery conformation. AVAS did not approve an upgrade, my address was outside their delivery area and moreover, they intended on sending me this 5 day old arrangement…. I cancelled my order immediately! They were completely full of ****. they were unprofessional and had no intentions of making me whole or taking accountability for their mishap. I would never recommend this florist to anyone. I contacted broquet of blessings and recieved a bigger, better arrangement for less money. BEWARE of AVAS!!!! BAD COMPANT, BAD SERVICE

  6. Avas flower is extremely helpful and useful application. The bright side of this application is that you can choose the flowers at any time and order at any time without leaving other application at a time. So if you finding the right source of buying the flower than this application is the best. 

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