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Already have an app launched? Still bringing down the house on your developers to meet the deadlines? Either way, we get your app out there. That's where we come in, providing a complete full length review & graphics design services.

Leaderboard Advertising & Review = $25

What you get for the bucks

  • A review on in no more than 3 business days
  • A review on your AppStore app page under User reviews (if we purchase the app)
  • A leaderboard banner (rotating on every page in the site) promoting your app for a week after the review is online.
  • Review is Tweeted to our followers, posted on Facebook and is included in the RSS feed.

Invoicing is done professionally via Paypal - just fill in the form below.

Happy to work with App Marketing agencies, via this form or via email.

Here is one leaderboard sample from the past year...

leaderboard graphics designed by AppBiteClick to see many more leaderboard graphics designed by AppBite.

We understand that app releases are time sensitive so we're trying to make it as easy and as cost-effective as possible to get your app in front of your consumers. Please note that your payment will not mean we'll be extra-nice to your app. It's still the fair and balanced review that actually matters to users.

Are you ready to show off? Then simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you in no time.

Straight up Review = Free

We like to be impartial with reviews, but it's true to say we have X amount of time an 50*X worth of Apps.

Do you have something to help us make your App stand out ?  Some Promo Codes we can offer to our readers ?  or some other interesting promotion.   PR graphics ready to go ? this type of thing sure makes getting your review done a priority for us.

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