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Free Game of the Week: Dude Perfect 2

Posted by Maria Poeana
Dude Perfect 2 -

Dude Perfect 2 iPhone Game Review.

There are a lot of cool, free, new games in the App Store this week. Terminator Genisys: Revolution catches the eye with amazing graphics, and a complex gameplay. King strikes back with AlphaBetty Saga, which comes to prove, more than ever, that you also have to put your mind at work to win a King game, and it’s not all just luck. And Blades of Brim shows there’s still more that can be brought to you by an endless runner to keep this type of games still on top. But my favorite this week was, by far, Dude Perfect 2.

Smart puzzle game

Dude Perfect 2 is your classic puzzle game that will sharpen your mind level after level, as you attempt to solve the challenges in the most effective way possible. Your job is to throw the ball through the hoop. Sounds simple, right? That’s before all sorts of variables come into play. Strong wind, heavy glass pieces blocking your shot, metal platforms you need to move in a certain way to clear your shot, and the balls must get through all hoops at least one time for you to clear the level. And that’s how a relaxing basketball throw game turns into a real challenge.

But, as all smart puzzle games, you can use every obstacle to your advantage. And that’s what I really loved about Dude Perfect 2: it puts your mind at work. It makes you look at the big picture, as you try to find the chain reaction that will put everything in motion, and lead to the most effective shot you can take. You also have all sorts of cool power-ups, of course. And you are allowed a pretty decent number of shots per game to clear the level. But the feeling you get when you manage to put all the puzzle pieces together, and get that perfect shot using the minimum number of balls required to clear the challenge…that makes playing the game smart, rather than quick, all worth it.

Dude Perfect 2 encourages you to strive for perfection

And Dude Perfect 2 uses all means to really encourage you to strive for perfection. Depending on how smart you play each level, you can collect up to 3 stars, and 150 coins. A certain number of stars will allow you to unlock the next stage of the game, without paying any real money. And the coins…besides being able to buy all sorts of cool stuff like power-ups, characters, and balls, you can invest them to play Lucky Panda in the Mini-Games section, where you can win more coins, game dollars that are pretty hard to earn otherwise, and power-ups.

Plus, even the energy bars you empty as you play get automatically refilled with time. But even if you feel you can’t wait until this happens, you don’t necessarily need to pay to get your energy bars instantly filled up. You can ask your Facebook friends for help, or you can watch game videos. And pretty much all about this game goes like this: everything is up for grabs either by earning it, or paying with real money to have it.

As the game, itself, tries to strive for perfection

Flaws? Honestly, I can’t think of any at this point. The graphics are nice, the background tunes, the gameplay, the controls are extremely intuitive. And even if the puzzles get more and more mind boggling with every level you clear, the solution is always right in front of you. I’m not trying to imply that Dude Perfect 2 is a perfect game. But it comes close enough to a perfect gaming experience you can have this week.


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Dude Perfect 2
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0.2
Price: Free

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4.5 / 5

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  1. Aadam Gibson says:

    I've tried it's very exciting and very funny game.

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