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Thanksgiving is coming. This means you have to buy a turkey, look through tons of recipes, be careful how to cook your turkey so it's not dry, set the table, invite guests, and try to make this Thanksgiving as fun as possible. But, luckily, this year you've got just the right ingredients to make your Thanksgiving worth remembering. And here are the just 5 free apps that turn your iPad into your best ally this Thanksgiving.

Lifelike Cards

First of all, you have to let your friends know what you're up to this Thanksgiving, and invite them to join you for a delicious Thanksgiving meal. But instead of calling them, or posting messages on their Facebook walls, this year, you can send them some digital postcards. Download Lifelike Cards, pick the Thanksgiving card you like the most, and start writing your message.

You can choose to include your message in a postcard or a greeting card. There are more than 10 fonts you can choose from, so there's a good chance you'll find a font that will resemble your handwriting. Plus, if you choose to send a greeting card, you can personalize it even more, by changing background colors and illustrations. Once you're satisfied with the result, you can email it to your friends, or send it via Facebook or Twitter.

Download Likelike Cards for free from the AppStore now!


Thanksgiving Menu Maker

Once the cards are sent, it's time to spend some time to pick and create your dinner menu. And Thanksgiving Menu Maker is all you need to complete this task. With Thanksgiving Menu Maker, you have all the recipes you need in one place, plus it allows you to create your personalized menu. When you find a recipe that you want to cook for this Thanksgiving, just add it to your menu. Choose your favorite starters, main dishes, sides and deserts, and create an entire Thanksgiving Menu.

And that's not all. With every recipe you add to the menu, your shopping list is automatically updated with the items you have to buy to cook these meals. Also, your schedule is updated so that you know exactly when to start cooking the turkey or prepare the pie doe, for everything to be ready on time. If you need even more help, you can check out the tips that Thanksgiving Menu Maker offers, to make sure you cook the most delicious meal.

Download Thanksgiving Menu Maker for free from the AppStore now!


Turkey Plucker

Before you know it, guests will knock on your door. But the odds are that there will still be some final touches to add, and probably some guests will arrive later than others. So, in the meantime, how about joining them in something fun to fill the extra time and stop thinking about the delicious meal that's cooking in the oven? That's when you can bring Turkey Plucker to the table.

Turkey Plucker is a simple game, where you have to pluck a turkey as fast as you can. It's probably not the type of game that you would play more than once or twice by your self, but it can be the perfect choice to entertain your friends. Since it only takes a couple of seconds to pluck this turkey, the guests can challenge each other and see which one of them is the fastest turkey plucker. This will guarantee to set them in a Thanksgiving mood. Plus, it will make time fly until all the guests arrive and everybody can sit at the table.

Download Turkey Plucker for free from the AppStore now!


Turkey Words

Once the meal is done and everybody is looking for something fun to do, that requires as little movement as possible, it's the perfect time to reveal another game. This is Turkey Words and it requires you to guess words related to Thanksgiving, only by showing you the number of letters that you need to form the word. It’s a hangman-type of game, only instead of a man you have a turkey. After choosing the first wrong letter, you'll be given a clue to help you guess the word. But, be careful. With every mistake you make, the turkey on the screen loses a feather. Therefore, you better guess the word before he is completely plucked.

So, put the iPad in the middle of the table, turn on Turkey Words and gather all your guest to enjoy the game. And, although Turkey Words might look like a children's game, I bet you'll have a great time discovering the words that it hides.

Download Turkey Words for free from the AppStore now!



When the night is done and all the dishes are washed, it's time to finally rest and recall all the great moments you had today, by looking at the photos you took. And what better way to share these memories with your guests, than with ScrapPad? Choose the pictures you like the most and create your own scrapbook for Thanksgiving 2011. Choose from more than ten backgrounds, borders and embellishments like cute pilgrims, turkeys or pumpkins, add your picture, write a message and add as many pages to your scrapbook as you want. Once you're done, share it with your friends via email and Facebook, or print it. This way, your Thanksgiving is guaranteed to be remembered for a long time.

Download ScrapPad for free from the AppStore now!

Guess this year, you don't have to worry about your Thanksgiving. Because for every problem, the iPad is guaranteed to have a solution that is only one free download away.

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