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Who Wants To Make Sushi?

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Gogo Sushi - Ozgnahc

Gogo Sushi iPhone Game Review.

With all the supermarkets selling cheap sushi, how can a sushi restaurant keep up and prevent losing its customers? The answer is fresh sushi, a thousand times better than the one in the supermarket. But do you have what it takes to prepare these delicious sushi recipes and serve your clients? Find out by downloading a simple game called Gogo Sushi from the AppStore.

What ss Gogo Sushi

Gogo Sushi is an addictive game, where you have to prepare different types of sushi dishes to satisfy your clients. Your objectives are to pay attention to what the customer desires to eat, prepare his sushi and serve it. But be careful, because some recipes are trickier than others. So, before starting to prepare any type of sushi, you'd better take a look at the tutorial and see what ingredients you have to use for every recipe. Once you know how to prepare the dishes, you can start the game and put your cooking skills to the test.

The great thing about Gogo Sushi is that it keeps you focused at all times. At first, you'll be really focused on remembering what ingredients and in what order to use them, because one misplaced ingredient will ruin the entire recipe. As you clear a couple of levels, finding the right ingredients will get easier and easier, but other challenges will arise.

A real challenge

With every cleared level in Gogo Sushi, you earn more points, but you also get more responsibilities. Different types of fish will be available for purchase and you have to make sure that you buy enough of each, because once the round starts, you can't stop serving the clients to go shopping. And with different fish come more recipes that you have to learn. But, fortunately, once you learn the first three recipes, it will be really easy to figure out how to cook the new dishes, since you only have to change one or two ingredients.

Besides the recipes, another challenge you'll have to face has to deal with the customers. As you clear the levels, they will become more picky. Some will want their dishes prepared without wasabi, while others will expect you to remember what their favorite dish is, and serve it, without them telling you what they want. The good part is that they won't reject the dish if you don't manage to remember what they like, but they will tip you extra if you get it right.

But you'll also get customers who will try any dish you recommend to them. All you have to do is prepare a dish and, instead of serving it directly to the customer, put it on the conveyor belt in front of him. Plus, there are also special items that you can purchase to keep your food fresh for a longer time, or make your customers more patient, when you get carried away and forget about their order. And if you get all these things right, customers are guaranteed to return, and your restaurant will surely prosper.

Long story short, Gogo Sushi is a fun game, that you can play whenever and where ever. It's got short enough rounds for you to play it during a coffee break, and it's addictive enough if you're looking for a game to play all day long.


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Gogo Sushi
Developer: Ozgnahc
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 2.0
Price: $1.99

Our Rating

4 / 5

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