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Share Your Love With SoulMate

Posted by Maria Poeana

SoulMate iPhone App Review.

The Beatles used to say that "All you need is love." Well, if that's true, then there's an app that can give you all you need. Whether you're single or involved in a relationship, SoulMate is here to provide you with all the love that you need. So, if "All you need is love", download SoulMate from the AppStore and start spreading the love.

How it works

SoulMate is one of those apps looking to break the habit. If, usually, there are some apps designed for making couples share the love, and others for helping single people find their half, SoulMate is aiming at satisfying both groups. While singles can search for the best date in their area, couples can share photos, play games, text each other, and so much more.

Once you download SoulMate, all you need to do to start using the app is create an account and set up your profile. Since SoulMate is designed for both couples and singles, it's only natural that the app provides a different set of features for every group. So, setting your profile status as Single or Couple will determine which features of the app you can use. This way there's no need to worry that your better half might get tempted to see who else is in his area, since they won't be able to use the Matching System if they set their profile on Couple mode.

Suited for both Singles and Couples

If you're in a relationship, SoulMate has a lot of fun options that you can share with your half. But before starting to share the love, there's one more thing you need to do. And that is link your account to your boyfriend or girlfriend's. To do this, your half must also have a SoulMate account, and you must add both your phone numbers to your Couple & Date Settings, to be able to use certain options like Phone Calling or Messaging. Then, the sky is the limit. You can take and share photos with your better half, and create your own Love Album. You can unwind by playing Air Cap or by chatting online and sending emails to your spouse. Also, you can share your Diary, Memos, and make sure that your pair never forgets again when your first kiss anniversary is by adding it to a shared Calendar.

That's if you're in a couple. If you're single, the main option you can use is the Matching System. After allowing SoulMate to detect and use your location, you'll be able to see other single persons' profiles in your area, as long as they also have a SoulMate account. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't see single people from all around the world, but there's usually a better chance of finding your pair in your area, since it's easier to keep in touch. As a single person, you can also use some of the Couples options, like creating Photo Albums, writing Memos and playing Games. But you'll have to wait until you find your special someone to share all these things.

Better in theory than in practice

However, after going through all these options, I must say that I think SoulMate is better in theory than in practice. At some point it seems that it piles up so many options that it looks more like a recycle bin than a love sharing app. Also, I understand that SoulMate is aiming at being appropriate for both singles and couples, but it's kind of harsh to restrict access to some options just because you aren't part of a couple. As for the Matching System, it's really nice that you can spot other single people in your area. But that's about it. The things you can include in your profile can't make another single person choose you from the crowd, since every user can only provide the same ordinary details, like birthday or gender. Plus, I really had a big problem in finding a way to edit my Profile after creating it.

All things considered, SoulMate is a nice app that would be better if it focused on only one social group: singles or couples. Or, at least, instead of displaying all the options for both singles and couples and allowing them to just use a part of them, it's better to only show each group the options that they can use. And, at the end of the day, I still think that it's much more effective to actually ask somebody out than look for your match online.


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Developer: JINWOO CHOI
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