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Blackfish Children's Books - Customizabooks LLC

Blackfish Children's Books iPhone Review.

Children today have all sorts of stuff to keep them occupied and help them learn interesting things, while having fun. Movies. Interactive e-books. Games. Magazines. Plus all kinds of devices that come in handy when learning something new. And now, Blackfish Children's Books brings them yet another fun learning tool.

What makes this app special

At first, I expected Blackfish Children's Books to be just another e-book, part of a collection that teaches children useful stuff through beautiful images and interactive games. But Blackfish Children's Books is so much more. It's an entire library, where you can download or purchase all sorts of fun and educational e-books for your child.

With iBooks, you can purchase or download all sorts of books. With Newsstand, every magazine you could dream of. And now, Blackfish Children's Books brings us a library that is dedicated to children only. So, what can you find here?

Christmas stories, adventure books & more

Well, since the app has just been released a couple of days ago, there are not as many titles as you might wish. But all the books here are extremely beautifully written and designed. And each one of them makes your child feel like he's part of the story.

Since Christmas is almost here, half of the stories are about Christmas, to get you and your child in that special holiday mood. And there are also adventure books, where your child gets to explore mysterious places and learn more about animals, and nature, in general. And in The Forest Kingdom, for example, he can even pick a character from the list to guide him through a magical forest.

One more step to be a great children's library

In all fairness, Blackfish Children's Books might not have some of the complex features or options that other e-books have. I downloaded a couple of the books and none of them had a "read to me" option or a special section of games to help your child better remember the story he read while also developing his hearing, vision or logic.

But each one of Blackfish Children's Books focuses on at least one important thing at a time. There are at least two books that teach your child how to count. Or learn the letters of the alphabet. Or discover hidden objects and words. They can learn that not everything is as scary as it seems at first, and that you can find friends in the most unexpected places. And so much more.

Also, bear in mind that Blackfish Children's Books is a free app, and almost half of the books in this library are also free or way cheaper than other children's e-books in the AppStore. So, if some options were added here and there, and even more books were available for download or purchase, I think Blackfish Children's Books would be the only app you need to turn on when looking for a fun, interactive and educational e-book for your child.


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Blackfish Children's Books
Developer: Customizabooks LLC
Category: Books
Version reviewed: 1.1
Price: FREE

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4 / 5

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