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It’s A Wild Sing Along

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Wild Tune - amit chai

Wild Tune iPhone App Review.

Once upon a time there was a magical forest, where the only concern of the animals wasn't sleeping or hunting, but singing. You want to see it for yourself? Well, you don't need any maps or transportation. All you have to do is download Wild Tune and enjoy the fairytale with your children.

The main characters of this fairytale are squirrels, elephants, ladybugs and a duck who sings along with a couple of friends from the farm. Let your kid choose the animal he likes the most and make it sing. Every main character comes with four other friends and with a single touch, you can make each one of them sing or stop. Also, each one of the characters has a voice and an instrument of its own, so whether you choose to listen to the ladybugs or the elephants, two squirrels or a group of four, it's not the same song that you're gonna get.

When it comes to graphics, there's no doubt that the game was created especially for children. The wild forest is all about green grass, rainbow colored flowers and a baby blue sky. And the animals...they are just adorable. With their colorful aspect, their squeaky voices and their tiny musical instruments, your kid will instantly fall in love with these creatures, and so will you.

Wild Tunes is one of the simplest and yet funniest apps for children. There's not a single trace of violence in it, the characters are always cheerful and they are also nature loving animals. With this app, your kid will learn seven different types of animals and grow to love them through their songs.

There's no doubt that Wild Tune is a safe choice to make your kid laugh when it comes to animals. The only concern is that now, he will want to play with your phone even more than before.


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Wild Tune
Developer: amit chai
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3 / 5

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4 Bites to “It’s A Wild Sing Along”

  1. Amannan1962 says:

    In my opinion I thinks that 'Jose joke teller' is the best for enjoy.

  2. it,s nice but i don't think so, its much better this app….

  3. Amitchai1 says:

    TY for the review :) ) hope you enjoyed the game.
    From Amit (creator of WildTune)

  4. Amitchai says:

    ty :) great app!

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