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Ready, aim, pee!

By AppBite Team   May - 5 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   1 Comment

While sounding dangerously close to a “fart” app, Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer proves to be much funnier and exciting to play on your iphone than expected. The plot of this free iphone game is simple. The little monkey can’t stop peeing and it’s up to you to help it aim for the toilet before what spills over reaches the power outlet and kills the light.

The game controls are simple as well. Tilt the iphone to aim the pee at the toilet, fill it up, and the nice little she-monkey will flush it for you and you get some bonus points. Oh yeah, also, try to keep the spill at a minimum, mkay? As your score goes up, the speed at which your monkey slips from one side to the other of the iphone screen will also increase. The game ends with a short-circuit and an oh-so-funny “Oho” from your little peeing friend.

Start making a FUZZ!

By AppBite Team   April - 30 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   2 Comments

Are you stressed because of work, family or relationship problems? Tired of working like a slave without seeing any positive results? Do you feel like your boss is breathing down your neck every second of your 16-hour day? Well, start making a FUZZ about it!

Fuzz Friend is a free iphone app that’s here just to take that weight off your shoulders. Or at least give you someone to punch around without actually punching. The Fuzz is your virtual puppet. Its well-being is at the mercy of your finger tips. You hate Monday mornings? Take it out on the Fuzz! You feel like hugging and kissing? Play with The Fuzz and it will respond to your love.