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Ready, aim, pee!

Posted by AppBite Team
Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer - happylatte

Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer iPhone App Review.

While sounding dangerously close to a "fart" app, Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer proves to be much funnier and exciting to play on your iphone than expected. The plot of this free iphone game is simple. The little monkey can't stop peeing and it's up to you to help it aim for the toilet before what spills over reaches the power outlet and kills the light.

The game controls are simple as well. Tilt the iphone to aim the pee at the toilet, fill it up, and the nice little she-monkey will flush it for you and you get some bonus points. Oh yeah, also, try to keep the spill at a minimum, mkay? As your score goes up, the speed at which your monkey slips from one side to the other of the iphone screen will also increase. The game ends with a short-circuit and an oh-so-funny "Oho" from your little peeing friend.

I would have to give a big plus for the choice of music as well, while the graphics, simple as they are, play out nicely on the screen and the overall impression.

While the game sounds dumb and seems to be aimed at your kids rather than at full-fledged adults, Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer is one cool iphone app and one of the Appstore's most downloaded apps. It seems that Apple's approval team for apps appreciate humor, as "dirty" as it sometimes seems, as is the case with this free iphone game.


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Pee Monkey Toilet Trainer

Developer: happylatte
Category: Games
Updated: November 17th, 2010
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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