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Catch that catchy tune with Midomi

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Midomi (SoundHound) iPhone App Review

Picture this. You wake up on morning, turn on the radio, and there's that song again. You know it's going to haunt you all day now. You get to your car, start tapping the steering wheel along with the tune now stuck in your head for good. You get to the office still humming that chorus. And you still don't know what song it is, or even who's singing it, even at least one tiny bit of clue of what you've been singing the whole day. Well, look no further, Midomi for iphone has the exact answer for you.

The development team at Melodis created Midomi, a free iphone app that listens to your favorite music and identifies the song and artist, displaying various information about it, such as artist and album information, release year, lyrics, related YouTube videos. With its Sound2Sound Search Engine, the app needs 10 seconds or less to identify a song, and minimizing the background noise (such as humming along or talking over the song) does help Midomi do the job in under 7 seconds, which this music lover found pretty amazing.

The app will get you out of a jam even with the poorest of singing abilities. Just sing your favorite song close to the iphone's mic and the app will identify its artist and name. This is one app reviewer that lacks any sort of vocal abilities, and Midomi successfully identified 7 out of 10 songs I horribly shouted at my iphone.

The app goes even further and lets you bookmark or share the tune with friends or for later use (like when you're humming again and forgot it?!), or even buy the song in the iTunes store, if you already got too attached to its rhythm. Browse through album information, view track information and even listen to a 30-second preview of the selected song from iTunes.

Midomi allows three music search options. With FastTag, the app does all the work for you by identifying songs played on the radio, TV, club, cafe or store. You can also choose to sing the song yourself, and Midomi will ignore poor singing skills and name your song. With SaySearch, you literally tell Midomi the song and/or artist you want, and the app will pull it out for you. With TypeSearch, you have to type out the name of the song and/or artist on the device for Midomi to pull it out of the database and display it on screen. Either way, the app will do the job.

Whether you like music or you hate it, Midomi will help you get out of that annoying trance when you're indefinitely humming unknown tunes. I must say this free iphone app quickly made it to the top on my watch list for future updates and is quickly becoming an all time favorite for the best free apps available for the iphone.

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3 Bites to “Catch that catchy tune with Midomi”

  1. Midomi is just amazing, you can listen to any song of your choice and even you can buy a song from itunes if it available on it.  For music lover this would be one of the best pick.

  2. jeanX says:

    It did come out a bit short for some of my singing. I can’t complain for my stereo though. It got every one. My little sis was pretty noisy too around it. Good tip indeed!

  3. appluv says:

    Sound2Sound Search Science is one bad a** mo fu. This is da bomb of an app. Good tip. thankyy

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