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It's time for our first Top 10 monthly round-up for the best iPhone and iPod Touch apps and games that we've reviewed throughout the past month. It is perhaps the hardest thing we had to do so far: going through our database of apps and selecting only ten that are so noteworthy and whose reviews we've received the most feedback on. The apps we've seen are simply amazing and it was truly incredible to have played with them, review them and keep most of them on our devices. Congratulations to all that have put the effort to make our iPhones that much better!

We've tried to keep the list organized according to our preferences and your requests, so, without further a due, let us remember the highlights in iPhone apps and games for this past month on Appbite.

evernote-iphone-app-review Ranking highest in our charts is Evernote, the iPhone app that lets you remember literally everything, taking care of organizing the data and syncing everything between your iPhone, MAC or PC and the Web, so you’re always on top of the situation. It keeps you organized whatever you’re using and wherever you’re using it. Everything is done automatically done for you and at no cost for your pocket. If you're always on the move and want to keep track of your activities, then make sure you put Evernote on your iPhone, PC and MAC.

iphone-app-review-unblockme Unblockme came at a very close second place, and ranked as the Most Addictive Game with our community. The game challenges you to countless hours of play packed with both enjoyment and frustration at the same time as you have to steer a red block through the maze, by moving and sliding the other blocks on the screen, so as to clear the way towards the exit. The great idea behind the game, simple yet effective graphics that make game play fun and interesting quickly made this iPhone game one of our staff favorites.

top10-barcelona-iphone-app-reviewOne the travel apps that we reviewed this past month got a medal of merit for being The Most Useful App we've seen. It's Top 10 Barcelona from CoolGorilla. Its top quality content, the top notch graphics and functionality make this app a keeper for everyone traveling to this wonderful Spanish city. Complete with travel tips such as opening hours for anything and everything in Barca and contact information you can access directly on your iPhone, Top 10 Barcelona definitely sparked our interest in visiting the city.

terminator-salvation-army-iphone-game-reviewLast week we brought you what we believe to be the Most Innovative Game for the iPhone since last month - Terminator Salvation Army. The game puts you in control of human resistance leader John Connor and Terminator Marcus Wright as you attempt to save humanity from Skynet and its army of super-machines. With simply awesome controls, everything rendered in full 3D, and realistic sounds, Terminator Salvation Army keeps you tied to the iPhone until the end and then makes you scream for more. If gaming on the iPhone is your thing then Terminator Salvation Army delivers great game play, stunning graphics packed with fun and excitement you can enjoy even if you’re not a fan of the Terminator series.

toobz-iphone-game-reviewWe all remember this little addictive game from Off Center Software called Toobz that challenged you to create your own system of pipes in a tetris-like game style. With two game styles to choose from and nicely done graphics, Jason Haslup has really made a point for independent developers worldwide and we hear the updates for this game will really help drive the point home. Congratulations to Jason and we look forward to featuring your games again here on Appbite.

iphone-app-review-documents Moving on from games to applications that help both the general iPhone user and the business users out there, we have Documents2 that stands at the top of our staffs' iPhone home screens and ranks high in our business apps preferences. The app lets you create and organize files and personal documents straight on your iPhone or iPod Touch, supporting everything from Word files, Excel, and even Google Docs. If you're on the move and need to have all your most important documents with you, then forget about that old briefcase and download Documents2, where everything is at the tap of a button.

aroundme-iphone-app-reviewTravel enthusiasts will really appreciate this one. AroundMe helps those of you that are always on the road, on a business trip or just around the block. This iPhone gem will guide you to the nearest anything that is around you, from bars and restaurants, hotels, gas stations, entertainment local attractions such as theaters and cinemas, or even your nearest local Apple Retailer. Its seamless integration with the iPhone environment is what really makes this app unique. You can save phone numbers directly to your Contacts, add locations to your Favorites, email or bookmark the establishment and its location, or share it with a friend.

air-traffic-controller-iphone-game-reviewLast week we ran across a fun and challenging game in the AppStore that we simply couldn’t put down ever since. With Air Traffic Controller you are put in charge of directing incoming and outgoing flights from the flight control center, attempting to clear the air space avoiding any air-accidents and flight casualties. The game is not as simple as it seems as weather, the environment, computer crashes and plane malfunctions will really spice things up for you. We're still struggling on mission 32, but ah, the game is quite making our day interesting.

iphone-app-review-shopshopShopShop is the iPhone app that makes you forget those shopping lists on crumbled-up paper that you always seem to misplace on the way to the supermarket. With features specifically targeted at managing shopping lists, this iPhone app will give you full control over your shopping needs, making it as easy as possible to transpose those empty shelves in the fridge into your iPhone or iPod Touch, and stay on top of things at the supermarket. Add items to the list and easily mark them off once they're in your shopping basket to keep your list clean and organized.

iphone-app-review-skypeThe all-time favorite Skype launched for the iPhone making it possible to carry on conversations through VoIP protocols at presumably lower costs than your carrier offers. The app won’t work over the 3G network, due to cellphone network company restrictions, but you will be able however to use the app as a IM to chat over 3G, although that’s not Skype’s flagship feature. Of the iPhone specific features that give Skype for iPhone a unique style is the ability to take a photo from within Skype to use it as your avatar image, or even pull out a picture from the camera-roll.

That covers the Top 10 Round-up for this month's best iPhone applications. We're looking forward to another month of some awesome apps to be tested and reviewed by us, and we look forward to some more of your feedback to help us on our mission. Stay with us and have fun together as we enjoy some more of developers' best!

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