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We’re back in business

Posted by AppBite Team

appbite-vacationIf you were starving for more of our iPhone and iPod Touch application and game reviews, you'll be happy to know we're back in business, hungrier than ever. To celebrate our two-month-aversary, we gave the team the whole week off to recharge their iPhone batteries and juice up their brains as we're ready to another kickoff this week with awesome reviews for some of the most highly appreciated iPhone apps in the App Store.

If you've been paying attention to the new sections of our website, namely, Most Wanted and Spotlight, then you're really looking forward to some new additions to those sections, and we're ready to give them to you. We have some great updates ready for you and we're so excited to have spent the last two months enjoying with you some great bites of iPhone apps. We're looking forward to hearing from you again, we've certainly missed all the excitement in the office, the "whoaaaa," the "awwww," the screaming, head-banging and punching. Don't worry, all the devices are safe. We don't really take out our anger on our iPhones. But we've especially missed all your feedback, and I hope the next few reviews will spark the same level of interest as always from you.

So, are you ready for more? I hope so. Please enjoy our next two reviews, on two of the most addictive games in the App Store this past week: Chase the Dot and Most Addictive Game - good name, no?

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