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Start making a FUZZ!

Posted by AppBite Team
Fuzz Friend - PandaChi Works

Fuzz Friend iPhone App Review.

Are you stressed because of work, family or relationship problems? Tired of working like a slave without seeing any positive results? Do you feel like your boss is breathing down your neck every second of your 16-hour day? Well, start making a FUZZ about it!

Fuzz Friend is a free iphone app that's here just to take that weight off your shoulders. Or at least give you someone to punch around without actually punching. The Fuzz is your virtual puppet. Its well-being is at the mercy of your finger tips. You hate Monday mornings? Take it out on the Fuzz! You feel like hugging and kissing? Play with The Fuzz and it will respond to your love.

While simplistic at the very core, Fuzz Friend app will definitely pull out a smile even on the thoughest of moments. Having the possibility to choose between different-styled backgrounds provides a beautiful backdrop for a few moments pleasure to play around with your virtual Fuzz. You can simulate your own office workplace to take out your frustration on the Fuzz or choose hearts and pinkish colors to make you and your new buddy feel warm.

Flick Fuzz around the screen, knock him against walls, or shake the iPhone to make him dizzy. Ah, the horror of being knocked around in a land of eternal flames. Don't worry it can't die!

Feed him virtual slices of pizza or chuncks of cheese, or give him special gifts to show your appreciation and love, and see the Fuzz putting up that huge smile and reaching towards you for a virtual hug.

I took the Fuzz for a spin and must say the thing I like most about it is its simple yet effective controls, the character's intuitive personality and feelings responding to your actions. A clean, simple and to the point iphone app! For an Entertainment app, it definitely makes it to the top of the list for best iphone apps.


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Fuzz Friend

Developer: PandaChi Works
Category: Entertainment
Updated: May 4th, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

3 / 5

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