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Start Taking Notes With NoteLedge

Posted by Maria Poeana
NoteLedge - Kdan Mobile Software LTD

NoteLedge iPad App Review.

Are you tired of carrying around heavy notebooks or pieces of paper that eventually get mixed up or lost? This doesn't mean that you should stop taking notes. Especially, since there are situations when you really need to write something down. And we all know that ideas come to us when we least expect them to. But now, the only thing you need to use to take your notes is a single app, and your iPad, of course. This is NoteLedge, and with it, taking notes will become a pleasure.

What is NoteLedge?

NoteLedge is a really nice app that allows you to take notes whenever, and wherever. The only thing you need is to have your iPad with you, and the app installed on the device. And when I say you can take notes, don't imagine that this is the only thing you can do with NoteLedge. From being able to use different colors to inserting videos and pictures in your notes, you can go as far as to create actual presentations with NoteLedge. When it comes to taking notes, it looks like the creators of NoteLedge have taken every detail into consideration.

Great for taking notes

First of all, NoteLedge is a great tool to use for writing down whatever goes through your head, and make sketches. Having an entire panel of colors allows you to be creative. Plus it's really simple to do this, since you actually use your handwriting to take these notes. You can change the size and opacity of your pencil, and you can choose the type of paper to write on. Want to use NoteLedge for a Maths class, a Literature course or even a Drawing lesson? NoteLedge has a template for your every desire, and more. You can also use E-card templates, or create your own.

And more

Second of all, NoteLedge can be used to create actual presentations. Insert pictures and resize them with a single pinch. Add videos and insert a text. Or, instead of writing down your notes, record yourself or the speaker, for a better understanding of the information. Record a song to play it in the background of your presentation. Bookmark favorite pages. Get creative and make the best out of your NoteLedge.

Last, but not least, NoteLedge can be used as an editor. Using the Navigator option, you can crop files and capture them for safe keeping in your Custom Library. Later on, paste them on your sheet whenever you need them. When you're all done with your notes, you can save the file you created, share it through email or keep it safe from unwanted meddlers by blocking it with a password. Next step: create another file, and another, and another. You can easily find all your saved notes in the Files Document, where they are arranged according to date.

I must admit that I liked NoteLedge. Regardless of some problems I had with the Navigator, I found NoteLedge easy to use, despite its complexity, and also nice to look at. I found everything I was looking for, and more. So, I guess it's safe to say that NoteLedge is well worth the 2 bucks it asks you for.


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Developer: Kdan Mobile Software LTD
Category: Productivity
Version reviewed: 1.3.2
Price: $1.99

Our Rating

4.5 / 5

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