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Freakdroid iPhone App Review.

Remember that moody spaceship computer called Freakbop? Whether you got to face its challenges or never heard of it, now it's your chance to meet a new and improved version of Freakbop. This is Freakdroid. He has a humanoid body and quite a strong personality. But he is also a funny and smart character, that you can make fun of or be challenged by with movie quizzes. So, if you wanna meet him, just download Freakdroid from the Appstore and see what this robot is made of.

Freakdroid is an entertaining app where you get to interact with a unique type of robot. If you're expecting a friendly, waffle making robot, you should forget about it. Freakdroid is rather sarcastic than friendly, but nonetheless fun to hang with. Because, there's more to this robot than meets the eye. Once you get used to his moody personality, you'll enjoy being challenged by his quizzes, and toying with him. But enough with the presentations. Let's see what Freakdroid can actually do.

Annoy him

Once you find out more about how Freakdroid was created and how he ended up on Earth, it's time to see where he lives. He will probably start the conversation with a sarcastic line, usually offensive to the human race, but there's no need to get mad at him. After all, he was programmed to think that he is more evolved than us, humans. But that's just until you start throwing buckets of paint on the ground, or tap anywhere on his body. The result will always be the same: he will inevitably fall down on the floor, and then say something ironic like: "Ha, ha. Very funny." Anyway, it's nice to know that when he becomes too annoying, there's something you can do about it, and punish him.

Have fun together

And there are also things that you can do together to have fun. Like publishing his sayings on Twitter and Facebook. Or sending him messages from your Twitter or Facebook profiles. And, of course, allowing him to test your memory and knowledge about movies. This way, you'll get to see him looking hilarious in different iconic outfits that were used by popular characters in classic movies like The Godfather and Star Wars, or recent hits like John Carter or The Hunger Games. The faster you guess in which movie the outfit appeared, the more points you get, and the more satisfaction you get proving Freakdroid that he's not the only smart fellow in the room.

Truth be told, that's about everything you can do with Freakdroid. But some of the things he says are so funny that they are worth sharing. Plus, when it comes to design, everything in Freakdroid's room, himself included, is very creative and nice to look at. And you actually get to see Freakdroid interacting with some of these things, and move him from one end of the room to another. So, taking all these things into consideration, it would be unfair to say that Freakdroid is not worth checking out. However, in all fairness, I must also admit that I don't imagine what anybody could do with it for more than an hour.


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Developer: Digital4You
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.1.0
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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