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Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Simple Truths - EQ Inspirations

Simple Truths iPhone App Review.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…” wrote Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence, and while the Simple Truths iPhone app does not go into the truths that Jefferson and the forefathers talked about decades ago, it does provide us with truths that men much more smarter than you and me crafted in order to both inspire and guide our actions.

What is Simple Truths?

Simple Truths is an iPhone app that provides easy access to a comprehensive collection of famous quotes, short inspirational movies, easy-to-personalize e-cards, and a collection of gift books and framed inspirations.

The app is divided into five sections. The Quotes section is what will open up upon first starting the app. You get access to a Quote of the Day, or you can search and browse through the entire quote database by tapping on the “Quote of the Day” header. That will drop down a menu that lets you filter quotes by author, keyword, category or quote of the day. It also allows you to add your own quotes with just a few taps.

If the written word is not your style, then you can head on over to the Movies tab, where a collection of over 40 short inspirational movies awaits you. These are free to watch, and they are based on best selling Gift Books such as “212 - The Extra Degree.”

Speaking of which, I found this short film especially interesting. The lowdown is this. Water is hot at 211 degrees. At 212 it boils and produces steam. Steam is powerful enough to power a locomotive. It’s that one extra degree that makes all the difference, and this principle is powerful enough to guide all of us in our daily lives.

Arguably the most interesting section is the e-cards section, where you get to choose from over 20 e-cards, personalize them with your own words and quotes and send it to a loved one. You can send it via Email, Facebook or Twitter.

Throughout the Simple Truths app, you can add movies, quotes or e-cards to your Favorites list.

In the Products section, you can purchase books (that inspired the short-movies) or framed inspirations.

It’s worthy to note that the app needs internet access in order to run, so make sure you’re connected to a WiFi service, especially if you plan to stream the short-movies onto your iPhone.

Simple Truths made quite an impression on me, not via the outstanding design, neat graphics or impressive sounds, but rather through the incredibly useful content that it delivers. The fact that I can share pretty much anything I want from within the app with my friends is a big plus in my book.


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Simple Truths
Developer: EQ Inspirations
Category: Lifestyle
Released: February 2nd, 2011
Price: FREE

Our Rating

4 / 5

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