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Life Too Confusing? Try Oranum!

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Live Esoteric Chat - Oranum

Live Esoteric Chat - Oranum iPhone App Review.

At the basis of our lives lies choice. Should I take the train or the bus? Should I have a sandwich or an omelet for breakfast? Some of these choices are easy to make and probably won’t impact your future as much. But some choices are harder to make. Personal relationship choices or career paths are harder to define and pose difficult challenges. This is where Oranum walks into your life and helps you find the right answer through live chats with psychics around the world. If you believe in these things.

What is Oranum?

Oranum connects you to the world’s most renowned psychics, from astrologers, tarot masters, clairvoyants or healers. Their mission is to help you in your decisions, to bring clarity to your daily life.

You might think that this is done through a series of articles or Q&As through a machine. What Oranum offers though is live shows. In the Live Shows section of the app, you get to see a list of all the available psychics that you can connect to instantly. Many of them offer a free live chat, where you can ask them questions along with other participants to the conversation.

Once you feel confident that they understand your problem or that they are knowledgable and are the right person to talk to, you can enter in a private reading. The psychic then becomes unavailable for free chats and dedicates his or her full attention to your problem.

The problem with free chats is obvious. There are too many users posting too many questions all at once, so I doubt the psychic can “concentrate” on any one answer. To be totally subjective, a question like “Am I going to have his babies?” coupled with a simple answer “No” won’t convince me that the psychic knows his stuff. Perhaps checking out the psychic profile will give you a more detailed view of his abilities. The profile will tell you the cost for a private reading per minute, what his skills are under the Tags section, and an often-no-too-short profile that the psychic has written for themselves.

Or perhaps you’d need to talk to a different psychic to see if the other psychic is right for you. Just a thought…

There are over 200 experienced psychics waiting for your questions, but at any given time there weren’t more than 10 online and available. The issue is that they are from all over the world, literally, and timezone differences won’t make them available. Even psychics need rest.

The team behind Oranum tests all the psychics that apply to offer their advice to you. I must point out that there is no way for you to know which psychic is best suited to guide you, it’s mostly based on instinct. And if you already have good instinct, there’s no need for a psychic to tell you which road to take.

Disclaimer: I’m not a believer in these sort of things. The concept seems overrated and the readings for different people tend to look very similar.

Private readings

In order to have a private chat with a psychic you first need to create an account with Oranum. There’s not much to it here, just choose a username, type in a password and your email and you’re good to go. Once you’ve signed up, you need to purchase credits, which you do via the Buy Credits tab. Prices range from $9.99 for 11 minutes or 9.99 credits to $99.99 for 112 minutes or 99.99 credits. The reasoning behind credits and minutes is that psychics charge a nominal rate in credits per minute. So the average psychic will charge you 0.99 credits per minute.

Once you’ve created your account, you can also add a psychic to your Favorites list and add a notification to see when they are online so you can chat with them.

Other sections

In addition to the live chat section of Oranum, which is probably where all the effort is put in, the app offers a series of explanatory articles on subjects such as birth stones, metaphysics, chackra meditation or discovering energies around and in your home. These present an interesting read, although you’d need to disregard sometimes obvious bad English and typos.

The Horoscopes section is what you’ll also probably really enjoy looking at. This provides you with daily, weekly and monthly readings for your sign.

There’s nothing spectacular to note about the overall design and feel of the app. It does tend sometime to move quite slowly, even when there’s no need for an internet connection. By the way, in order for the app to work, you need a steady internet connection, and to avoid high costs on your bill, I’d recommend accessing the app over WiFi.

On the iPhone, the font is a bit small making it harder to read the articles, which are indeed quite interesting. There’s no way to zoom in and the app doesn’t support landscape mode, and therefore there’s no landscape keyboard available either.

Bottom line, when evaluating the app, the design and feel and the content, I’d recommend this one to true believers. For skeptics, however, this one isn’t for you!


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Live Esoteric Chat - Oranum
Developer: LALIB
Category: Entertainment
Updated: April 14th, 2011
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5 Bites to “Life Too Confusing? Try Oranum!”

  1. zainabameer says:

    Hi I downloaded the oranum application and it was amazing.I have had a couple of readings and it was definitely worth it. Roberto readings is just great.Everyone must try this site.

  2. Lolo9342 says:

    nice thing:)
    I had a reading with Artemis Delia and that was amazing!

  3. Jenniferstephenson8 says:

    I truly had an amazing reading with Shonna. She was very accurate at pinpointing my feelings about the situation at hand which is so dear to my heart and about the outcome i do truly desire. She gave me
    understanding of bigger picture and filled me with
    confidence to keep being positive about my dream.
    Shonna saw a very happy outcome for me, and i felt
    her sincerity and empathy about  my feelings regarding current situation. She definitely picked up
    the energy around this given situation and therefore reinforced to me that what i am feeling is real and will be more eventful in the near future and I will be truly happy.

  4. Rudolfino says:

    my favourite expert is Freya40:)

  5. Leslie1980 says:

    I just downloaded this applet, it is unbeliavable! I always wanted something like this!!
    Whenever I face serious questions either in private or business matters I just flip up my iphone and get the right answer. :)
    Anddd… unbeliavable prices! my favorite expert is poet301 search for him!

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