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Dress Up Your Pet With Snappet

Posted by Maria Poeana
Snappet - Dean Marco

Snappet iPhone App Review.

As a pet owner, I'd do pretty much anything for my little furry friends. And I bet a lot of you would probably do the same. No matter if you have a cat that only purrs when it wants to be fed, or a dog that chews on all your shoes, there's just something about these cute creatures that makes them adorable. So, there's no wonder that when we see a picture of a pet wearing a silly costume, glasses, and a tie, we can't help ourselves from going: "awww." And now you can turn your pet into a costumed superstar, without actually clothing it in those things it really hates. This magic tool is called Snappet, and you can purchase it from the AppStore.

Snappet is a fun little app that helps you turn your pet photos into adorable snapshots. From all types of accessories to lovely frames, all you need is Snappet when you are looking to make a fun postcard or just pretty up your pet photos.

Easily turn your pet into a funny superhero

Snappet is one of the most intuitive, easy to use apps, I've ever had my hands on. Although you get all the instructions when turning on the app, there's really no need to go through them. That's how easy it is to use Snappet. And once you take or load a picture of your pet from the Photo Library, you're good to go. Choose a fun photo frame from the list. Put a funny hat on your pet's head. Glasses. Wings. Shoes. Turn your pet into Superman, Batman or other iconic character. Simply put: have fun!

And all these modifications are just a couple of taps away. Wanna put a superhero costume on your pet? Just tap on the item you like from the list, move it and rotate it using your fingers, pinch to resize it, and undo if you don't like the result. It's as easy as it gets. And when you're looking at the perfect picture, don't just keep it to yourself. Share it on Facebook and Email.

All in all, I really liked Snappet. It's a pretty silly app, indeed. But it's the type of silly that brightens up your day. It's cheap. It's fun. And should the next updates also bring a couple of Christmas costumes, I think Snappet might be the answer for your Christmas cards this year.


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Developer: Dean Marco
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $0.99

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5 / 5

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  1. flappy bird says:

    no real impact on load time, not much change in terms of number of
    comments received (may be a slight increase, but not sure if Disqus is
    the reason). Latest release has fixed the comments sync issue. Spam has
    reduced considerably. Disqus lacks the flexibility in terms of editing
    comments. If I edit a comment, it doesn't sync back again and can't
    manually sync the individual comment

  2. Dean Marco says:

    Also – contact us at regarding any questions and queries

  3. Dean Marco says:

    Hey Guys! Just letting you all know that we ARE in the process of bringing out a HUGE Christmas update! :-)  We cant wait and hope everybody will enjoy it!

    Thanks! Check us out on facebook at

  4. Dean Marco says:

    Hey, unfortunately not. Just iphones and ipads for now! But appreciate your comment!
    - Dean…

  5. Payday loan lenders says:

    Now this is so cute. I do same thing with my pet’s photos but not with this apple. Is this application available for android mobiles too?

  6. Nicky Glover says:

    I just bought Snappet and quickly made a really cute framed pic of my son and my dog. It was super simple to use and share. I might even go so far as to get a snappet photo printed up! Like the review said it makes for a great way to create fun/silly pics of your pet (or friend's for that matter), add captions and email as xmas or birthday cards. 

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