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Ho, Ho, Ho And A Christmas App To Go

Posted by Bogdan Lazar
Christmas Gift - Alive Dev Team

Christmas Gift iPhone App Review.

Don't let its name fool you! Christmas Gift is not a Christmas shopping list app. Instead, the app lets you create beautiful winter-white Christmas cards from available pictures in your Camera Roll or even take one on the spot that you can edit and send to friends and family.

The creation process

If you were looking for a unique card to send to your friends, something they can easily relate to and possibly remind them of you, the card sender and their friend, then Christmas Gift is a great choice.

Open up the app, and you have two options. You can either take a picture on the spot or choose one from your Photo Library. Once you've chosen a picture, all you have to do is start blowing on your iPhone to create a frosty border around it.

The free version stops here, but your card is not yet ready. For additional options, you need to purchase their Gift Bag that contains some 30 amazing blow-n-freeze borders and the snow brush for drawing with your fingers.

The Gift Bag

Apart from the really nice frames that you'll have available, the Gif Bag features a drawing mode, that enables you to use your finger to place snow flakes on your screen. This can be used to either enhance the winter-effect for your photo or to let you write messages across your card in snowflakes and frost.

Sharing the Christmas spirit

Once you're satisfied with your card, you can send it to your friends either by email, share it on Facebook and even save it to your phone.

So what's missing from this app? The graphics are lovely, they really get you in that Christmas mood. The in-app sounds are pretty ok, subtle, without interfering with your drawings. My one request would be that the card came with sound options, the possibility for me to attach music or perhaps a personalized Christmas wish that I can record myself. I realize that's a different ball game, but if there's one thing missing from this otherwise simple and great app, is music.

All in all, Christmas Gift is a creative way to turn any photo into a neat Christmas card, and with the Gift Bag and the snow brush, literally any photo can become an amazing winter scene.


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Christmas Gift
Developer: Alice Dev Team
Category: Entertainment
Released: December 13th, 2010
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3.5 / 5

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