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Mix&Mash iPhone Music App Review

Mix & Mash is like having a DJ in your pocket! reads the AppStore description for Mix&Mash - an easy to use playlist manager and creator for your iPhone. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Mix&Mash is a DJ, since the app basically builds two new features on top of the already on your device, packaged in a neatly designed interface. Before anyone start judging, read on…

How it works

At its core, Mix&Mash will automatically let you mix any songs from your music library on your device and output a continuous stream of music delight. It features two modes. In Quick Start, the app will load your entire music library and play it for you with the default settings. In Add Music, you can manually select which songs to add to the playlist.

Getting started with Mix&Mash is breeze. All you need to do is load up songs in the play queue and hit play. For more advanced users, you can also set various settings in the Settings tab. Things like setting mix time, or personalizing the crossfade experience.

You can set the duration of each song, but not individually. You can either set a specific time in seconds for which you would like each song to play (in minutes and seconds) or you can select the percentage. I prefer the second version, as I can choose to let each song play for 80-90% and have it automatically crossfade with the next, without having to worry about different lengths of each song.

You can also tweak the crossfade length, from short, normal and long (or 3, 5 or 7 seconds). You can connect with Facebook and tell your friends what you’re listening to. It’s nothing special, but nice to see that Mix&Mash takes the social element into account.

These two settings are basically what sets Mix&Mash apart and differentiates it from the basic that came bundled with your iPhone.

Additionally, like on the you can shake to shuffle songs and control Mix&Mash from your headphones.

One thing you can’t however really do is scroll through a song. You can go to the next or previous song, but you can’t scroll to one individual song. Also, with Mix&Mash you can only create one playlist, as opposed to however many you’d want to have on your

Ultimately, I’m not sure if Mix&Mash wants to be regarded as a substitute for the, but it has the potential to go beyond these basic features. The developers seem to be on the right track with it, as they promise beat matching in future versions. This would definitely make Mix&Mash feel like a DJ in your pocket!


  • mix-and-mash-iphone-music-review
  • mix-and-mash-iphone-music-review
  • mix-and-mash-iphone-music-review
Developer: Computer LogicX Ltd
Category: Music
Released: April 19th, 2011
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3 / 5

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