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Mix It Up with 50 Cent

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50 Cent - Soundlab

50 Cent Sound Lab iPhone App Review.

50 Cent teamed up with Vitamin Water to release the artist's first iPhone app that lets you mix his most recent single Baby By Me.

The song is stripped to the bare bones into various stems (bass, drum, keyboard, snare, chorus) to let you play around with these and create your own variation of Baby By Me. Simply tapping the selected instrument will make it play, so mixing it up is fairly easy for non-professionals such as myself. The technology behind it, mobile digital entertainment studio Moderati’s Romplr remix platform, has been used before by recording artists, such as Soulja Boy, the main difference being that 50 will only let you mix his hot new single, while the latter gives you a couple of songs from his own repertoire for you to play with.

Now, I've never been much a fan of this kind of apps that lack in creativity and excuse themselves with a big name like 50 Cent. His sound lab is no different. Other than actually promoting his new single, the app fall short of complexity and interactivity. The main point of this is its viral element. 50 Sound Lab will let users submit their mixes via Facebook or directly on the website to enter a contest. 50 Cent promises the winner (that he'll be picking of course) a trip to the Big Apple and a meeting with the man himself.

The other important thing to note is that mixes can also be done right from your computer (in lack of an iPhone, but that's besides the point), directly on their website set up at 50SoundLab. You can hear the mixes that have been submitted thus far there as well. Feel free to pick out your favorite mix from the lot, too.

Over 300 mixes were submitted since the app launched in the App Store. That's a whooping 300 artists in less than a day! Every roughly 5 minutes, a new mix was submitted to the website. I guess some would consider this a success story! All in all, the app is free and certainly did generate some funny inputs from users, so it might prove worth it to at least have a look.


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50 Sound Lab

Developer: Moderati, Inc.
Category: Music
Released: October 16th, 2009
Price: FREE

Our Rating

3 / 5

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50 Cent - Soundlab

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