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Family Guy Uncensored iPhone App Review.

It's not the first time that Family Guy pops up in the AppStore Top Apps with a newly released application relying heavily on the TV show's name. After Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane gives fans another reason to ask him for more from Family Guy apps. Family Guy Uncensored welcomes you to play around with your favorite Griffins' family in several mini-games packed into one app.

The game features a free version, which, I must admit provided the right incentive for me to go and buy the full app. And that is the funny intro featuring Brian and Stewie sitting in a chair accusing me of being a cheapskate for sticking to the free version. I must say that were it not for this little humorous chat, I'd have played the free version and dropped the app completely.

And that's because the mini-games are not that impressively built. I mean, I admit. You have to laugh at stupid humor when it's done properly. And Family Guy does have the right amount of sarcasm to really hit the spot. I'm a big fan of the TV show and I've watched Lois kill Stewie kill Lois kill Peter and so forth. This iPhone fame however is a mild attempt to relay those sarcastic jokes into mini games. It simply didn't do it for me.

Perhaps the reason is that I was expecting Family Guy and I got just Guy. These mini games are indeed fun, but tend to get pretty boring after a short while, and once you've unlocked all of them, well, so much for replay value.

As for the mini games themselves, you can play as either Peter Griffin battling the giant Chicken, Robo Stewie weaving your way through Bertram's minions, Brian trying to get away from Stewie ("Where's my money? Huh? Where's my money?" - funny stuff), and evem as Chris, controlling his spaceship to get away from Meg-pigs and, yes, the evil monkey in the closet! It's hard to note a favorite character in Family Guy, but Quagmire has to be up there, right near the top. He couldn't possibly miss the opportunity to display his semi-nudity (yes, keep kids away, he's in a thong) while he swings from vine to vine in a jungle full of cartoonish hoties trying to get to Lois to giggidy-giggidy her and what not.

If you beat each of the mini-games you can unlock the next one and another cut scene. Basically that's why I played the game in the first place, but once I got through all the levels, that was pretty much it for me, sadly. It's funny, it's uncensored, it's just not enough!

Graphics are cartoonish and fall right into place with the overall theme, but the one complaint I have is with Brian and Peter. Knowing a chubby Peter from the TV show, the Web 2.0 version of Peter Griffin in the iPhone app is not quite as awesome. There are more than one references to the TV show throughout the game, if you can spot them, but all in all, I'm looking at a game that piggy-backed on the TV show's fame, but all to no avail. In my humble opinion, not worth the 3 bucks I paid.


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Family Guy Uncensored

Developer: Glue
Category: Games
Released: September 23rd, 2009
Price: $0.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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