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Take that Stair Master 2000!

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From the team over at Gravity Moves Pty came iTrain, the iPhone and iPod Touch application that can turn your device into your own personal private trainer if you’re looking to lose weight, develop muscles or simply stay in shape. The app has no age, weight or any such restrictions and is suitable for all types of training.

iTrain provides the user with an impressive collection of over 200 exercises rendered in full 3D video animation, and also including detailed easy to use instructions to make you feel comfortable with performing the exercises for yourself. The app also has a set of complete body weight exercise programs meant to keep you in shape, along with other programs to monitor your general fitness, such as cardio programs, running programs, boxing, skipping, sprinting, hill and stairs programs, and programs that can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

Healthy natural foods at your fingertips

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From the acclaimed stores and website gathering thousands of healthy recipes together with complete information as to nutrition and protein counts Whole Foods Market comes to us with its very own iPhone and iPod Touch app to make sure you always have access to its wealth of recipes wherever you are.

With delicious recipes containing only the most natural and organic foods, the application currently includes over 2,500 recipes with detailed instructions and complete nutrition information. If all that you allow in your kitchen are natural and organic foods, then Whole Foods Market Recipes for the iPhone is all your kitchen really needs. As you would with any respectable cookbook, searching the app for delicious recipes including delightful dinner entrees and breakfast specialities is a as easy as pie. The app lets you filter by categories, target special diets as per your personal needs and even find specific recipes that use ingredients you already have in your kitchen.