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Accuweather replaces the native iPhone app

By AppBite Team   June - 23 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Sports & Weather   No Comments

The World’s Weather Authority, Accuweather, launched their own native app for the iPhone probably never thinking it will have the potential to replace the iPhone’s own. With accurate weather forecasts, 15-day local forecasts, weather alerts, videos and alarms, and complete with hourly forecasts, Accuweather has all you need to plan that family picnic, choose what to wear and even decide when it would be a good time to take the dog out for a walk.

Once you pop in the app, the works are similar to the native iPhone Weather App. You type in your location or zip code, and the app adds your location. After that you can enjoy a wealth of information, rain or shine. The app will show you on the home screen the current weather conditions at your selected location, complete with temperature, humidity, air pressure, and winds. The menu at the bottom of the screen will let you choose between Current, Hourly, 15-day, and a set of Indices. Their recent update for the app increased both the hourly and the daily forecast, from 5 to 15 hours and 15 days respectively, giving you more than enough of a head start for anything you might have planned during the day or the week. You also get a “Real Feel” indicator of the temperature outside, to give you the temperature in what it actually feels like out there, not what the thermometers on the wall will tell you.