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Be My Valentine Apps

Posted by Maria Poeana

Paperless Post icon

Send special cards with Paperless Post — invitations, greeting cards, stationery, RSVP tracking, and ecards

You have some romantic getaway, dinner, or movie night prepared for your better half? Then, make the invitation as romantic as what you have planed. Don’t just tell your special someone: how about eating pizza in bed, and watching a romantic movie this evening? Instead, put your card writing skills at work. The rest is provided by Paperless Post.

Paperless Post inspires you to write the most beautiful cards. It’s got a huge list of beautiful cards to choose from, for any occasion you can imagine. Scroll through the card list, and pick your favorite. Or, optimize your search by choosing the material, color, category, shape, photo, designer or price of the card you are looking for. Once you’ve made up your mind, put down your thoughts, or let yourself inspired by the pre-written message of your card. Pick a nice envelope, create an account, or login with Facebook, and easily send your card by email. Or have it printed out, and sent by Paperless Post.

The app is really intuitive, and easy to use. Plus, you have a quick, nice Tutorial at the beginning, which provides all the info you need to make the process even more pleasant. And, although it might seem annoying to have to create an account to be able to send your card, there’s a purpose to the whole thing. For each card and envelope you pick, or for every person you choose to send your card to, you must pay a couple of coins. You can get these coins through in-app purchases. But, when you create an account, you also receive enough coins to be able to send a couple of cards totally free of charge. That's quite a nice touch, I'd say.

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Cook the perfect meal with Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

I’ve tested Jamie’s recipes over, and over again, and, each time, the result was absolutely delicious. So, if you’re planning to stay in with your special someone for a romantic, self-cooked dinner, then I think Jamie Oliver’s Recipes is the best app for a guaranteed culinary success.

What I liked most about this app is that it has a simple, clean, intuitive design. It’s nice to look at, and extremely easy to find what you’re looking for. Just like Jamie’s recipes. It’s got all sorts of meal collections, including Date Nate recipes, 10 Minute Meals, or Naughty But Nice Breakfasts. And this is just to name a few of the collections I found to be most appropriate for a Valentine’s cooking session.

If you’re not inspired by the recipe collections, then easily find what you are looking for searching a meal by name, or a main ingredient. Found what you are looking for? Then, add all the ingredients you need to your shopping list, with a single tap. And, when you’re all set to cook, you have got to try the Cook Now option every recipe offers. Because Cook Now guides you step by step, with suggestive, beautiful pics, throughout the entire process. Now, how cool is that? It’s true, not all the recipes, or tips and tricks are up for grabs. But, if you want to enjoy the app to the fullest, you can start with a 7 Day Free Trial, and then it’s only $1.99 a month.

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Plan a romantic escape with Hotel Tonight

Looking to spice things up a bit this Valentine, or just escape the daily routine? Then, whether you’re looking to find comfort in another city, or just a home not so far away from home for a night, all you need is Hotel Tonight.

Hotel Tonight is a last minute booking sort of app. So, even if you, somehow, forgot all about Valentine’s, or your initial plans have been cancelled, you can still make it up to your special someone. At first, it might look like Hotel Tonight doesn’t have such a huge list of hotels available for you as, or Expedia. But, then, again, this is last-minute booking. And you are looking to book for a couple of nights, or less. So, in the end, the offer is quite reasonable.

And the hotels look really, really nice. Most of them will, indeed, charge you around $150 per night. But, depending on the city you choose for your romantic escape, you’ve got a good chance of finding, at least, a couple of hotels that charge no more than $70-$80 a night. Plus, at this point, Hotel Tonight also offers a Special Valentine’s Day package, including a 10% discount. And the app has such an intuitive design, and options, that you, literally, have the perfect Valentine’s escape in your hands. Now, how can you say no to all this?

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Hang out at home, and play games

However, if you’re rather looking to spend a relaxing evening at home, there are plenty of things you can do without having to move a muscle. Many of the hottest games of the moment include a Valentine’s special feature. So, who’s to say you and your special someone can’t have a fun Valentine’s just by playing Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, Frozen Free Fall, Clumsy Ninja, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, or the quite romantic Fingle game.

And, if you’re still looking for a Valentine…

…then there are quite a few apps to help you with that, as well. Like Match, OkCupid Dating, Zoosk, LOVOO, How About We Dating, or eHarmony. You might not find the love of your life, but there’s a good chance you’ll find a Valentine. Or, at least, someone to make fun of Valentine's Day with.

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