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Beach Spotter offers nothing new

Posted by AppBite Team
BeachSpotter - Teemu Karkkainen

BeachSpotter iPhone App Review.

The development team from Iceblink Software took a nice game that offered real challenges and a careful eye and turned it into something trivial, without providing any kind of punch line at all.

With Beach Spotter, you are challenged to spot differences not in quote un-quote boring building, landscapes or mundane objects, but in sunny beaches and women in bikinis. Overlooking the fact that the game offers less of a challenge than any similar type of games, Beach Spotter relies basically on one thing: capturing your eye with the hot bodies to distract you from noticing that rebel piece of hair that's missing from one of the pictures.

The game includes two game modes. In the traditional version you get to see the images side-by-side and spot the differences. You can also opt at least for a tougher challenge and play the slide-show mode version, where you're shown full screen images of the same thing one after the other.

While the game got a decent rating in the AppStore, it didn't pass our benchmark and will surely not make it in our monthly round-up of Top 10. What was the approval team from Apple thinking?!


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Beach Spotter

Developer: Teemu Karkkainen
Category: Games
Released: April 22nd, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

1.5 / 5

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