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Flashlight sheds light on the Appstore

By AppBite Team   May - 5 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Productivity & Utilities   3 Comments

Perhaps one of the simplest of iphone apps to come out of Appstore is John Haney’s Flashlight, which made it on Apple’s list of Top Apps of All Time. Flashlight is a free iphone app designed to ease your way in the darkness by filling the device’s screen with a full color. Several colors are included, ranging from white, red, green, black or blue. The app options also includes a RGB (Red Green Blue) color mixer to help you choose your favorite color by mixing the three basic colors. You can easily switch between the colors by flicking the iphone screen on to the next available color.

Additionally, the app features a strobe light mode, with pretty limited configuration options like Emergency, Trippy and Deep Trippy. John Haney promises the next application update will bring more control over screens, effects and also the annoyingly simple strobe light and its precise tuning.

Bump makes shaking hands outdated

By Bogdan Lazar   May - 5 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Social Networking   23 Comments

When the Appstore hit the 1 billionth milestone, one of the big winners was the three-man-development shop behind Bump Technologies with their easy contact inter-exachanger Bump. The free app makes it easy for iPhone and iPod Touch users running it on their device to exchange contact information by bumping the devices between them.

The idea behind the application is simple enough. Two users run Bump at the same time, “bump” their device to one another and the application offers the possibility to exchange contact information. That’s it. No typing, no writing, no exchanging of business cards or little paper napkins.

The app needs a stable internet connection, be it WIFI or 3G for the iphone to connect and upload and download contact information. When we started the application, it connected to the server and asked us to select the contact information to be available for exchange. After connecting two iPhones to the Bump server, a mere waving of the two devices did the trick. The sharing screen pops up and the exchange is made with a flick of the finger, the whole process taking no longer than a couple of seconds.

Start making a FUZZ!

By AppBite Team   April - 30 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, Games & Entertainment   2 Comments

Are you stressed because of work, family or relationship problems? Tired of working like a slave without seeing any positive results? Do you feel like your boss is breathing down your neck every second of your 16-hour day? Well, start making a FUZZ about it!

Fuzz Friend is a free iphone app that’s here just to take that weight off your shoulders. Or at least give you someone to punch around without actually punching. The Fuzz is your virtual puppet. Its well-being is at the mercy of your finger tips. You hate Monday mornings? Take it out on the Fuzz! You feel like hugging and kissing? Play with The Fuzz and it will respond to your love.

Get your bite on!

By AppBite Team   April - 28 - 2009    See more Apps inApp Reviews, News   2 Comments

We are finally happy to announce the launch of, your source for the top iphone apps, best free apps, iphone games and honest reviews of applications that made it big or hit rock bottom. Our development team has worked hand in hand with our creatives to make beautiful things happen, and I must say that I am thrilled by the honor they have granted me. I get to have a first bite at what we hope to become an opinion leader when it comes to the iPhone and the iPod Touch together with the next big bang after the big bang – Apple’s Appstore. In the next lines, please join me while I explain the basics of our new venture.

So, what is appbite?

Appbite is a free online resource for iPhone and iPod Touch application reviews. At the very core, we want to provide the online community with a complete resource of honest and objective reviews for apps, troubleshooting tips and hot news from Apple. Behind this simple web interface is a small team of dedicated professionals with hands-on experience and first of all passion for what we do. Whether we are reviewing top iphone apps or the so-called “Fart” apps, the best iphone games or the serious iphone business apps, cool apps or lame imitations, we put a piece of ourselves in each of our reviews. It’s why we know you will join us and it’s why we love it even more.