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Dinorama iPhone Game Review.

FarmVille, CityVille, CastleVille and other similar games have proved to be a great success with us, grown-ups as well as adults. And that's exactly what the creators of Dinorama are counting on. Dinorama is available for free this week only and is bound to guarantee both fun and education.

Dinorama is the result of a park building game meeting dinosaurs and the already legendary game called Pou. Your child's job is to take care of the dinos in his zoo, and expand his business. And although business, expansion and time management don't sound like words a child would use, I honestly think Dinorama would get them hooked immediately.

Dinorama makes starting and developing a business look fun

To start off, it doesn't feel like you're struggling to build and develop a business. It looks like you're just following a set of fun and easy rules. Children love Pou, and they have to follow rules there, as well. Clean Pou, feed him, play with him, and earn coins to buy all sorts outfits, but also the necessary items Pou needs to be healthy and happy. And the same goes for Dinorama. But here, your kid's dinos don't need as much maintenance as the park they're in.

Take care of dinos

With Dinorama, taking care of the dinos is pretty easy. All you need to do is keep them well fed, and they're happy. The harder part is keeping the park running. To do so, you need to attract the attention of all the kids entering the park to your dinos. Once you do, it's time for each dino to put on its show. Because with every item you feed the dinos once they are full, they will put on a small show to thank you. And the kids watching the show will also thank you by leaving coins and all sorts of items behind them.

Invest in your dino park

And what better way to make the park even more popular than by investing these coins in all sorts of cute, profitable items like a Photo Booth, a Pop Corn maker, and much more. Plus, buy more dinos and bring new exhibits. And your child doesn't only learn the value of things and the importance of saving money, but also how to manage problems. Because it's not always going to be sunny in the dino park. It's going to be your child's job to keep the park and the dinos clean. Plus, as the business grows, the park will eventually need more habitats for the dinos, and more employees to take care of things.

Learn about time and money management

Dinorama is a time and money managing game. But it's also a fun children's game. It might sound tough, because in real life all this is hard enough for an adult, let alone for a child. But Dinorama makes it all look so easy and attractive that it doesn't even feel like you're making an effort.

Now, I don't think anyone can say that playing Dinorama will turn your child into an entrepreneur twenty years from now. In the and, it's just a game. But it might just make your child more focused and appreciate the value of certain things more than he did. At least, when it comes to playing Dinorama.


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Developer: thesixtyone
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