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helloalbums iPad App Review.

When was the last time you printed out your pictures and created an album? Digital cameras offer us the possibility to take as many pictures as we want and stock them on our computers, so printing out pictures and arranging them inside an album seems to be too much of a hassle. But, with helloalbums, you can easily create and print your own beautiful album, without leaving the comfort of your home. Sounds good? If so, then grab helloalbums from the AppStore, and check it out for yourself.

How it works

The purpose of helloalbums is to help you easily and rapidly create your own photo album, using and modifying your pictures just the way you want to. There are 9 different album models that you can use at any time, plus another 3 that you will have to purchase to be able to enjoy them. From fresh and funny designs to more subtle and formal ones, helloalbums offers an album model suited for every occasion. Just select your favorite design, and start creating your album.

After naming your album, you can start adding all the pictures that you want to use. These will be stocked at the bottom of the screen, and with a simple drag and drop, you can move any picture to the designated space in your album. For every picture you put in, you can also add a short description to make sure that every time you look at it, you'll have no problem remembering when, where or why you took that picture.

And helloalbums is not only about adding pictures in your album, but also editing them to make them more beautiful and special. Besides the usual resizing and rearranging, you can also change the brightness and color of your picture. However, you'll have to be patient when modifying your pictures, because with some changes, you'll need to wait a couple of seconds before seeing the result. Helloalbums doesn’t get a lot of compliments for its filters, sadly.

Share & print your album

Once you're done, you can share the album with your friends, via Facebook, Twitter and Email, or send it out for printing. Now, the good news is that the people who created helloalbums are the same who will take care of printing and shipping your album. So, you can be sure that the printed album will look exactly as expected. The not so good news is that you can't really share your entire album on Facebook, Twitter or Email, unless you want to send or post it page by page. So, at the end of the day, helloalbums is more about printing your album than sharing it online.

And unfortunately for helloalbums, there already is a more than reliable service that lets you arrange photos in an album, order a printed version of it and receive it at your doorsteps. Apple’s own printing service is embedded into iPhoto and it packs in a bigger punch than helloalbums.

All things considered, helloalbums brings an easy solution to the hassle of printing and arranging you photos inside a regular album. It's easy to use, the album designs are very nice, plus you get to make certain desired adjustments to your photos. And once you're done, all you need is tap once on the screen, pay the fee, and if you're in the U.S., in one week's time you can enjoy your unique album.


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Developer: Conry Print, Inc.
Category: Photo & Video
Version reviewed: 1.1
Price: Free

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4 / 5

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