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Narr8 - NARR8 Limited

Narr8 iPad App Review.

Unbelievable is a word I rarely use to describe an app. I usually find most apps to be pretty good, very good, or quite the contrary, in need of some improvement. I only came across so far of only a handfull of unbelievable. But Narr8 is definitely one of them. Narr8 is so close to perfection that I find it unbelievable. Insanely amazing graphics. A continuously updating list of comics you can download. Really interesting and entertaining stories. Various types of characters and genres. And you can enjoy all this without paying a dime!

What is Narr8

Narr8 is an amazing app for all comic book lovers. With 9 comics available for download, and a lot more coming soon, Narr8 is constantly growing its comics collection. From adventure comics to Christmas specials, from human characters to personalized animal characters, Narr8 is filled with captivating stories brought to life by impeccable designs.

Constant updates

And, even at this point, Narr8 is not just a 9 comic book collection. Every comic is made up of multiple episodes, with a new episode coming out periodically. The way they are designed, part comic, part video (with all the moving images involved and the sound), makes the entire experience even better. And another thing: if you are the type of person who always has tons of reminders to make sure you don't forget when the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows come up, Narr8 also takes care of this issue for its comic book lovers. Just subscribe to your favorite comics you downloaded and you'll be reminded every time a new episode comes up.

Well organized

Narr8 is also an extremely well organized app. There aren't comics and episodes all over the place to make it almost impossible for you to find what you are looking for. There's a list with all the comics available. A list with the latest episodes. Plus an additional list recommending all sorts of fun, interesting games. So, just select the comic you want and find out more about it by reading its description or watching a trailer. If you like it, download the first episode, and the entire collection of episodes will be moved to your list of comics. Here, you can find all the comics you are currently reading, and download one episode at a time as you go along with the reading, or download all the available episodes at once.

Oh, and don't even bother to remember where you left off with your reading, because the app bookmarks that for you, and it also marks the unfinished episodes as unread.

Must have app for all comic book fans

Now, there are a lot more great things to say about this app. But I hope that great graphics, video characteristics, captivating stories, well organized app, constant updates and 100% free are enough words to give you the right idea about it. Because it's an app that deserves to its rightful place on every comic books fan's iPad.


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Developer: NARR8 Limited
Category: Entertainment
Version reviewed: 1.0.3
Price: FREE

Our Rating

5 / 5

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