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Play N Wish Merry XMas - Tenacious Tech

Play N Wish Merry XMas iPhone Game Review.

If you’re tired about sending the same old boring greeting cards to friends and family and if you find the entire process an enormous waste of your time, then perhaps you should try to make it into a game. Or better yet, download an iPhone game that has already done that for you: Play N Wish Merry XMas.

4 Mini Games To Unlock Christmas Cards

With Play N Wish Merry XMas, you get to play four different Christmas games that will earn you points and unlock new greeting cards for you. Choose one of the cards and send it along with your message to friends and family. The higher you score, the more cards you’ll unlock.

The problem is that the games are insanely hard to control. They make use of the iPhone’s accelerometer and your attention and agility to the max. All four of the games are a real test, so there’s the risk that instead of turning a boring process into a fun task, you might end up pulling your hair out.

In Catch it you have to tilt your device left and right so that all the presents that are falling from the sky will land in your basket. Presents however fall with a very high speed and you’ll have less than a split second to react, tilt your iPhone in the right direction and catch it. Miss too many presents and it’s game over.

In Shoot it, air balloons carrying presents pop up from the bottom of the screen and you need to shoot them down by tilting the iPhone to align your aim with the balloon. Again, there’s less than a split second to react. You barely see the balloon before it no longer is in your sights and the chance of hitting an air balloon is just that…a chance.

In Throw it you’ll have to shoot present from your tank into the sleigh. Thankfully, this game doesn’t make use of the accelerometer at all, so it’s all up to you, your aim and your agility. Shooting is not a walk in the park though. You need to carefully adjust the angle and the power of the shot depending on the distance between your tank and the sleigh. Watch the meters for each and touch the screen at just the right time to lock on.

In Drop it, Santa got mad and is throwing presents off an icy cliff. Launch boats at just the right tim to catch the falling present. Be careful though, you can’t tell how heavy that present is or how windy it is. Not all presents land in the same spot and fall with the same speed, so it’s again a game of chance.

I found these games to be too difficult for the types of games that usually refer to Christmas. Out of the four, Throw it seemed to me the most accessible. By no means are these games something special and out of the ordinary.

The cards themselves follow the same design pattern. A nice light-blue background, Christmas decorations, Merry Christmas and an object in the middle of the card. Sometimes the object doesn’t really make sense. It may be a camera, a flat screen TV, a laptop, cars, motorcycles, a suit or a teddy bear.


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Play N Wish Merry XMas
Developer: Tenacious Tech
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $1.99

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2.5 / 5

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    I enjoy merry Christmas…lots of fun

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