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Post-it Plus iPhone App Review.

Before you had alarms and reminders on your phone, and way before there were all these To-Do apps to help you keep your schedule organised, there were post-its. Post-its were, and I think for some of us still are, one of the simplest and most practical way to help us remember the tasks and important events in our day to day life. But it was also time for the classic post-it to grow. That’s how Post-It Plus was born.

Post-It Plus is your virtual platform, where all your post-it reminders can find a cosy, modern home, where you can easily spot them every day. Instead of sticking post-its all over your fridge, or other places you find easy to spot, try Post-It Plus for a change. No more post-its all over the place, no more littler, no more wasted time trying to find that pen or pencil you always somehow manage to misplace.

Easily transfer your current post-its to the Post-It Plus platform

The best part about Post-It Plus is that you don’t lose the data you used to keep written down on regular post-its. Just turn on the app, and use the incorporated camera option to capture all the post-its you currently have. Once the photo is taken, easily select the post-its you want to delete, and the ones you want to keep, and add to your first Post-It Plus board. After that, it’s as easy as it gets. You can either take more photos, and not only post-it photos, but you can also capture and add to your board anything that you can find helpful to better remember a task, an event, whatever you have on your plate. Or, you can start adding your own virtual post-its, which you can write by hand, using the touch-screen, or type, using the keyboard. Now, go have fun! Create as many boards as you need, create, capture, and move post-its from one board to another, then share or export your boards.

Not so user-friendly with first-time post-it users

The developers of Post-It Plus look like they have tried to make the post-it users’ path from classic to modern, as smooth as it can be. However, if you’re not currently using post-its, and want to start with Post-It Plus, it might be a bit tricky at first. Because when you turn on the app for the first time, you only have the option to capture the post-its you already have. So, you can’t add a new post-it to the board, before you capture something to start the board with. And, as far as I can see, this happens with every new board you create, which is pretty absurd when you want to replace the classic way of writing and keeping post-its with Post-It Plus.

Not yet a viable replacement for the classic post-it system

Another thing that Post-It Plus is missing is a background option. When I tried to create another board, I was really excited to see that you could also pic a photo from your Camera Roll, instead of taking one. I almost thought that you could do that to put a background to your notes. But no, this option is only intended to help you cut out parts of the photo that might make up a post-it or something important to start your board with. So, we’re back to square one, where you can’t add a new board without taking or picking out a photo from your Camera Roll. And you also can’t add a background, which I think is a real shame, because a calendar background, for example, would be a really good idea to keep your virtual post-its in order. And to make the transition from the real thing to the virtual one even more pleasant.

All ups, and downs considered, I understand that Post-It Plus is still at the beginning. It’s promising, pretty intuitive, it has a clean design, and you don’t have to pay much to enjoy it at its fullest by getting the Premium Features. However, before it can be considered a viable replacement for the classic way of keeping post-its, I think the photo capturing part should rather be an option, when starting a new board, and not a must. And being able to add a background, or to have a list of backgrounds to choose from would also be a really nice touch.


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Post-it Plus
Developer: 3M Company
Category: Productivity
Version reviewed: 1.1
Price: Free

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4 / 5

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