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Get Ready For A Godlike Battle

Posted by Maria Poeana
Romans From Mars - Majesco Entertainment

Romans From Mars iPhone Game Review.

Mars, the God Of War, has set his mind on ruling the Earth. But Jupiter is not going down without a fight. The thing is that even if he is the mightiest God, he can't win this battle alone. He needs you to shoot all the Martian and unleash Jupiter's rage on them. Think you're ready for the challenge? 'Cause Jupiter sure is ready for you. In fact, he's waiting for you in the App Store. And all you need to do to start helping him is download Romans From Mars, the game, free of charge.

This is pretty much the story behind the game Romans From Mars. Now, as far as the actual game stands, your goal is pretty basic: destroy all the Martians coming towards the wall you're defending. And to complete your task, you have a crossbow, plus all of Jupiter's power on your side. It should be easy, right?

Prepare your crossbow

And it is. At first. The first 5-6 levels are a breeze. Just easy enough to get you hooked and start liking the game. And then the madness begins. You start shooting in all directions. One crossbow doesn't seem to be enough. Mana is charging too slow and you can't freeze your enemies otherwise. Jupiter's lightening bolts are strong, but the bar is empty before you know it, and you have to buy more.

Meet the evil Martians

You won't even realise that the madness has begun until you lose your first battle, after winning 10 or more in a row. And more and more different types of martians keep coming from their spacecrafts in the sky. Martians that are all dressed up in armour, making it harder for you to kill them. Those little carts are moving all over the place. Commander martians are surrounded by a troupe of martians. Every new martian coming into play is more vicious and better prepared for the fight.

Make good use of Jupiter's power over Fire, Earth, Ice and Lightning

So what is it there for you to do? Make your crossbow and wall as resistant and powerful as you can, by constantly upgrading them with the money you earn after each battle. Use the gems you earn to upgrade Jupiter's lightening bolt bar and other cool boosters that will make you stronger. Find the Martians' week spot and use Fire, Earth, Ice, Lightning and your arrows to destroy them.

And try to win the battle for Earth

Romans From Mars is a fun shooter, but can get tricky at times as it happens with any good challenge. It might even prove to be too much of a challenge at some point. But practice makes perfect. And when everything else fails to work, you can still resort to in-app purchases and give those bloody missions one more try with all your weapons fully charged.


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Romans From Mars
Developer: Majesco Entertainment
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0.60
Price: FREE

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4 / 5

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