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Secret Lab ESP Test

Posted by Scott Golby
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Secret Lab iPhone Game Review.

Secret Lab is a "game" based on a set of U.S. military ESP experiments from the 1960s. Testing subject to find out if they could predict the future. Do you have what it takes ?

6 components to the game

  • Search: Where you have to select which row a ball is in
  • Numbers: Shows a 8 segment LED display, like you get on alarm clocks, and you have to guess what the next number to come up will be
  • Balls: Four magnets are in each corner and you need to guess which one will attract the most metal balls
  • Cars: A five lane road, two cars, which lane will they have a head on collision ?
  • Colors: Pick the next card out of the envelope from a choice of 12 differed colored cards

And finally Zeners...
If you have seen Ghostbusters you'll be familiar with this experiment. Zeners is the one where Bill Murry's character holds up a card with wavy lines and zaps the poor student for getting the answer wrong.

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Atmosphere & Graphics
The app has 3D graphics showing the inside of a Lab, you spin around to choose your experiment. Reminds me of an adventure game from way back choosing clues on the desks.

Seem to be totally lacking, are you supposed have ESP to know what to do ? :) I am wondering is supposed to be ironic. So I just tapped the screen a bit with each task and saw what happened.

As a Game
The experiments are kind of fun to muck around with but I think it need a little more to make it a game, make it addictive. Perhaps the Game Center leaderboards will have people challenging each other.

For 99c it's not a big spend and interesting from a historical point of view. I would have liked to see an iPad version or universal app as the 3D graphics should be easy to scale up.
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Secret Lab iPhone Screenshot
Secret Lab
Developer: SH Consult
Category: Games
Released: May 18, 2011
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

3 / 5

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