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Are you hot or not?

Posted by AppBite Team
Sex Appeal - LOLriffic Sexy Stuff

Sex Appeal iPhone App Review.

The development team at LOLriffic Stuff clearly put the old saying of "sex sells" to the test and boy did they prove it. The "What's Your Sex Appeal?" iPhone and iPod Touch app was in the Top Free Apps in the AppStore for some time, even though the app does nothing spectacular, and would otherwise be filtered through by iPhone users.

The app relies on a 20-question quiz to tell you if you're hot or not, and how you rank in comparison to others that have taken the test. After choosing your gender and determining your age group (out of only three possibilities), the app goes on to the 20 questions to determine your so-called sex appeal. The sets of questions differ based on your choices in these initial categories, but they all lead to the same end screen: Are you hot or not?

The 20 questions are not extremely interesting and/or funny, and they offer too little options to choose from. This is where we believe the game fails terribly. The questions range from beauty and looks to hygiene and previous sexual experience, while the answers are too broad. The development team missed the class on screen organization and effective management for the almighty iPhone. The question takes up half of the screen, leaving way to little space for the options to choose from, which are therefore limited in number.

Their recent update gives you sexy tips to improve your sex appeal at the end, but the tips aren't quite according to the result you came out of the questions with. There's certainly a lot of improvements the app can get, but for a free app that tells you what apparently you can't see in the mirror yourself, it's worth the money.

Perhaps the most use we can give to this app is having a laugh with friends on a boring night out, mainly to start the fun. It's more like a joke you can play on others, but more than that, the "What's Your Sex Appeal?" iPhone app doesn't appeal to us that badly.


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What's Your Sex Appeal

Developer: LOLriffic Sexy Stuff
Category: Entertainment
Updated: June 25th, 2009
Price: FREE
Our Rating

1 / 5

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