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Let Your Dream Begin With Angel

Posted by Maria Poeana
Thierry Mugler Angel - Clarins Fragrance Group

Thierry Mugler Angel iPhone App Review.

There are a lot of stories that evolve around the birth and properties of perfumes. Whether we believe that they were born from the murders of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille or that they have aphrodisiac properties, we all use them...and are quite picky when it comes to purchasing them. In this mystically shaped universe of perfumes, there comes a new fragrance with a story of its own. And what better way to tell the story than with an iPhone app?!

Thierry Mugler – Angel

Angel is the app that will take you to a universe beyond your imagination. In a galaxy where constellations are formed with words like desire, speed or flying. Choose 5 words from a range of 40 and get ready to dream with your eyes wide open. In a matter of seconds, a series of effective images will unravel in front of your eyes, each one symbolizing the visual corespondent for the words you have chosen.

The mini-movie that plays on the screen is correlated to the words you have chosen in the beginning, but the developers promise more than 50 million possible different dream combinations. That’s an amazing number!

And as it happens to every beautiful dream, yours also comes to an end in less than a minute. And this too can't be replayed even if you choose the exact same words in the same order. But unlike usual dreams, there is a solution for playing your dream over and over again. After dreaming it, you can share it on Facebook. So, instead of telling your friends about it, you can show them.

Let it choose your fragrance…

Another trouble with perfumes is that all this magic that surrounds them makes it even harder for you to make a choice when it comes to purchasing one. But with this app, it's easy to choose the perfume that you want from the Angel collection. You can read the description of every product and let yourself imagine the explicit described fragrances. Or, better yet, let Angel reveal the product you need. This time, choosing 5 words that describe your mood today will result in showing you the Angel fragrance that suits you best.

…And show you where you can buy it

Once you have decided upon the desired fragrance, there's only one thing keeping you away from purchasing it: finding a place where you can buy the product. Once again, Angel comes to the rescue showing you these locations. You can choose to search for a store from a large range or turn on your location service and the app will show you the nearest location where you can purchase your fragrance.

You still aren't sure if Angel is the perfume that suits you best? Well, there's only one way find out. Download Angel from the AppStore and let your dream begin.


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Thierry Mugler Angel
Developer: Clarins Fragrance Group
Category: Lifestyle
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: FREE

Our Rating

4 / 5

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