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Slash Those Toads

Posted by Maria Poeana
Toad Slash - Brenda Prebble

Toad Slash iPhone Game Review.

Slashing games are far from being my cup of tea. Although Fruit Ninja was a big hit at the AppStore, I must admit I wasn't a fan. Mostly because, I felt that all those fruits were moving too fast, and they always dropped before I could get to slice them. So, I thought I was pretty much done with this type of games. Until I came across Toad Slash.

What is Toad Slash

Toad Slash is your regular slashing game, but it's somehow easier to slash the toads in this game than the fruits in Fruit Ninja. I don't know if they are bigger or just moving slower, but you can actually get the satisfaction of slicing those toads, frogs, tadpoles, fish and snakes. That is until the pumpkins start popping out on the screen. And that's when the slashing frenzy begins.

Your main goal with Toad Slash is to slash as as many toads, or other similar creatures, as you can. The more toads you slash with one cut, the more points you get. And, of course, you must be careful not to miss too many toads, if you don't want the wicked witch to have the last laugh, and end the game for you.

Your regular slashing game, with a twist

Up until now, Toad Slash is your basic slashing game. But what makes it more exciting are all the pumpkins that start popping out on the screen more and more often as you go further along the game. One accidental slash of the pumpkin, and it's game over. And, as you can imagine, it will get harder and harder to avoid them and slash the toads, when the pumpkins are right next to or behind these creatures.

It can still be better

Now, what I liked most about Toad Slash is that it's a bit easier to play than Fruit Ninja. And it has this fun addition with the pumpkins. Plus, the graphics are really nice. But I kind of missed the incentive to play the game for hours on end. Mainly because it has no levels. And you end up picking the game right from the start over and over again. Also, I think that some other boosters or hidden items would have made Toad Slash even more exciting.

In the end, I will probably play Toad Slash again. Especially since playing one game doesn't take too much of your time. But other than that, Toad Slash is far from becoming an addiction.


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Toad Slash
Developer: Brenda Prebble
Category: Games
Version reviewed: 1.0
Price: $0.99

Our Rating

4 / 5

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