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Top 5 Best Disney iOS Games So Far

Posted by Maria Poeana

There are companies that don't need any presentation. Disney is one of them. Disney made mice more appealing through their already iconic characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Disney makes children's movies. Movies for teenagers. For those of us who are still young at heart. Family movies. But also action packed blockbusters. Toys and clothes. And all sorts of other items. Disney is a giant. So, it's only natural for Disney to also have one of the coolest iPhone and iPad games. And since the App Store is already packed with Disney games, we think a selection of the best of them is in order.

Wheres my water icon

Where's My Water

When I first played this game, I didn't even know it was created by Disney. There was no famous Disney character involved in the game, and trust me, there's nothing childish about it. It's actually pretty strategical.

The goal with Where's My Water is to guide the water from above a swamp to an alligator's shower. A funny idea, indeed, but also a challenge. Because, if, at first, it's pretty easy to create a proper trail for the water, there are more things to take into consideration. For example, the more rubber duckies the water hits on its course, the more points you get. Hit all three duckies per puzzle, and you get a high score.

Also, as you clear the levels and complete the puzzles, you'll come across even more obstacles. As the puzzle image grows larger, it gets harder to create a proper trajectory with a single slide of your finger. Plus, you also have to pay attention not to hit any sponges on the way, because they will absorb all the water. The swamp dirt ruins all the fun of a nice shower. And cracking pipes or other hard surfaces is not an option, when creating a trajectory. So, it's all fun and games the first 10 or 15 levels. But that's when the challenge begins, as you find yourself absolutely addicted to Where's My Water.

Temple Run Brave icon

Temple Run: Brave

As Disney doesn't need any more presentation, neither does Temple Run. It's one of the games in the App Store. And Temple Run: Brave makes no exception, being a noteworthy Temple Run version, and also one of the best Disney games released so far.

The goal is the same as with all Temple Run games: run for your life, while collecting coins and all sorts of power-ups, avoiding obstacles and being carful not to fall off a cliff. And, as expected, the entire setting is concentrated around the main character of the animated Disney film, Brave - Merida. It is her you will guide through the Temple Run maze. Unless you want to change her with King Fergus. That is as soon as you have enough coins to do so, and you'd rather spent them on changing your character than purchasing all sorts of upgrades, items and outfits for Merida.

So far, excepting the setting, Temple Run: Brave is no different than other Temple Run games. So, why buy it? Well, if you're a Brave fan, this is a game you must have. The same stands if you're a Temple Run fan. Then, there's also curiosity. Plus, there's also an arrow throwing addition that brings a sort of freshness to the game. But, above all, it's Disney meets Temple Run. How can you say no to that?

Disney Super Speedway icon

Disney Super Speedway

When you say racing meets Disney, you probably think of Cars. However, I haven't found any Cars game as good as Disney Super Speedway. With almost 5000 ratings, Disney Super Speedway can be easily regarded as an Asphalt of GT for children. And why not, some grownups as well.

The goal with Disney Super Speedway is to be the first to reach the Finish Line, of course. The closer you get to First Place, the more coins you earn. The more coins you earn, the better car parts you can buy. Or even a better car. And with all these upgrades, who can stop you from getting first to the Finish Line?

As far as the actual race is concerned, your job is to control Phineas, or other well known Disney Channel characters like Agent P, Bea, Ferb, Kick Buttowski, and many more, if you choose to spend your coins to do so. Once you select one of the amazing tracks, it's all up to you to avoid obstacles, collect as many power-ups as you can, make drifts and unlock as many achievements as possible, all this by tilting your device from left to right to control your car. It might look like a children's game with the characters, setting, and all, but, in the end, Disney Super Speedway might prove itself to be a bit of a challenge for us, grownups, as well.

Kick Buttowski icon

Kick Buttowski: Loco Launcho

While we're on the topic of car games and Disney Channel characters, Kick Buttowski: Loco Launcho is definitely a noteworthy Disney game. Because, although at first it looks like yet another racing game, and it also seems pretty unresponsive, once you hit play a couple of times and you get to actually play the game, you'll probably end up being addicted to it.

The goal looks simple: launch Kick into his greatest stunt so far. To do so, you need to clear three achievements: go the required distance, reach the required heights, and get the wow effect you are supposed to. How you do all this...well, there's the challenge. To complete the task, you begin with a rev meter you tap on each time the needle is in the green. The more times you get it right, and the faster you move, the bigger the boost you start the game with. Then, as Kick is being launched, all you have to control him and clear all achievements are a lift and a boost button. At first. But the better your score, the more points you get, and the more upgrades you can buy with these points. Plus, there are all sorts of stars, platforms and other boosts on the way. So, choose wisely when to boost or lift Kick to collect as many items as you can, and use all these platforms to your advantage.

It sounds complicated, I know. But it's way easier than it looks. Just play one level and you won't believe it's free. That's how cool and addictive Kick Buttowski: Loco Launcho is.

Nemos reef icon

Nemo's Reef

Last, but not least, there's Nemo's Reef. Because, let's face it: ever since FarmVille, there can't be any chart without a FarmVille type of app. And that's Nemo's Reef, in short.

The goal is to build the most beautiful, cosy and eco-friendly underwater environment. You start your quest with Nemo and Marlin, and as your ecosystem develops, more underwater species will find their home here. Plant and harvest all sorts of underwater sponges, algae, corals, branches, moss and rare plants. Buy rocks, tiki heads, shells and other special items. Invite friends, visit and help them with their ecosystem. Follow the rules and complete all the quests as you receive them. With Nemo's Reef, there's also something to harvest, build, or some quest to complete. Your job is never done.

I'm not going to lie to you: as any other FarmVille type of game, Nemo's Reef is time consuming. But it's only as time consuming as you allow it to be. Once you turn off the game and all the push notifications, there will be no voice calling for you to harvest, plant or build anything. Except the one in your head. And even if you find the time to play the game after days, weeks or months, you will find no withered plants. Or any damage of sorts. The only downside is that you won't be able to take pride in having the largest ecosystem or collection of rare species. But the beauty of Nemo's Reef is that you can always pick up where you left off.

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