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Abracadabra - MacEnvy

Abracadabra iPhone App Review.

Time for some magic to happen here at Appbite. Yes, I'm talking literally hocus-pocus, and no, I'm not going to present you with an app that shows Youtube videos of famous magicians. Abracadabra is the DIY magic app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Instead of showing off tricks, the app provides a basic how-to intro into the world of famous magic tricks you can do at home or to wow your friends.

As soos as you start up Abracadabra, behold a list of simple magic tricks to select from. Choose the one that captures your eyes and head on to the next screen, where the trick is thouroughly described in minute details. So far, so not-so-magical, right? But the developers didn't stop here. They went deaper into details by providing you with another screen where you can see the trick being performed and the magician giving you tips on how to best wow your audience.

True enough, the best part of the app is its video features. Each trick listed with the app comes with videos of the trick itself being performed by a professional, and, best of all, a video of the magician giving you the insides on the trick itself. With these being said, Abracadabra features a complete set of options on magic tricks complemented by a step-by-step tutorial on how to create magic.

With Abracadabra, you simply begin to dwel into the real of magic with 20 beginner level tricks that are easy to learn and fun to perform, including popular classics like the Coin Vanish trick or the Cut and Restored Rope trick.

Thankfully, all the videos featured in Abracadabra are embedded within the app, so after installing it on your iPhone, you won't need an internet connection to enjoy its benefits to the fullest. It's by far the most complete DIY app I've seen for the mighty iPhone. Written instructions complement video demos, making it an incredible addition to your magic sets.

Abracadabra is available for purchase in the AppStore at $1.99, while the developers offered a lite version of the iPhone app for free, where you can learn 3 magic tricks.


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Developer: MacEnvy
Category: Entertainment
Released: September 18th, 2009
Price: $1.99
Our Rating

3 / 5

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